Objectives of Music Education

Level:  High School                         Course:  Instrumental Music


1.Perform on Instruments

    • Perform accurately and independently in a group.
    • Perform with expression and technical accuracy on a wide variety of repertoire at difficulty of Grade 3-5 in a group.
    • Demonstrate ability to use ensemble skills of balance, intonation, rhythmic, and dynamic unity.


2. Improvise

    • Improvise a melody on an instrument in a selected style.
    • Improvise a melody on an instrument in various tonalities.
    • Improvise melodic and rhythmic variations on a given melody.


3.Compose and Arrange

    • Compose original music within specified guidelines.
    • Compose original melodic or harmonic accompaniment with guidelines.
    • Transpose for various instruments.
    • Demonstrate ability to use technological resources for composing and arranging music.


4. Read and Notate

    • Identify, define, and perform standard notations, symbols, and terms.
    • Use standard notation to record their musical ideas and the musical ideas of others.


5. Understand History and Culture

    • Identify the various uses of music in history and the characteristics that make it suitable for the event.
    • Identify and explain the stylistic features of a musical work that serve to define its’ aesthetic tradition and its’ historical or cultural context.


6. Evaluate music and music performance

    • Evaluate a performance, composition, arrangement, or improvisation by comparing it to similar or exemplary models.
    • Evaluate a given musical work in terms of its’ aesthetic qualities and explain the musical means it uses to evoke feelings.

       7.  Responsibility

    • Have instrument, music, drill (marching band), and pencil daily.
    • Be punctual for all rehearsals and performances.
    • Exhibit exemplary behavior during rehearsals, performances, and trips.