Places Stauffers Hung Out

  • The Eggiwil-Röthenbach in Emmental area (Stauffer home turf)
  • Stouffe (hill where we got our name)
  • Luchsmatt, Früetisei, & Glashütte farms (Stauffer family farms, as far back as 1485)
    • You may want to zoom in and click Photo for a good view of the farms.
  • Mückenhäuserhof farm (German homestead after the 1671 exile)
  • Ontario Abe farm (Doon/Strasburg/now Kitchener, Ontario, 1806) This site mentions Ontario Abe buying two pieces of land, one in 1806 and one in 1811. We know the 1806 purchase to be Lot 6 of the Biehn Tract. My wife and the good folks at the Kitchener, ON, library were able to locate the old place on the 1861 Tremaine Map. (Click the link for Lot 6 for a peek.) It shows up on the Tremaine map as the Daniel Stauffer estate. (Daniel was Ontario Abe's 5th son, to whom he willed the land in 1823.) In an 1880s map of the area the land belongs to Daniel's son, Rev. Noah Stauffer, which is how my wife found it. Noah is the man who started the big Stauffer Family reunions. Noah held the first reunion on his farm, which we knew was Ontario Abe's old farm.

  • Joseph Stauffer farm (Pierceton, Indiana, 1838 - 1878). My great-grandfather, grandson of Ontario Abe and first cousin of Rev. Noah Stauffer.
  • The area where I got my early infantry training (recently declassified)

  • Place Names

    • Luchsmatt = lynx field (Eurasion lynx)
    • Eggiwil = farm on the hill (eggs are ridgelines, cf. eck)
    • Röthenbach = red stream
    • Emmental = Emme (River) Valley

    • Mückenhäuserhof = gnat/mosquito-ville farm?

    Drunken alien crop circle
    Mysterious alien crop circle found across the road 
    from my childhood home during Oktoberfest 1976. 
    What does it all mean?