The Starting Line

The State College Model Yacht Club is a member of the American Model Yachting Association.  We're located in central Pennsylvania and currently sail at Lake Perez and Colyer Lake. 


In the past we have sailed on the pond at Tussey Mountain,  Whipple Dam State Park, the duck pond in State College, and on Lake Redman with the White Rose Model Yacht Club in York, PA.


If you want to join us some Saturday check our sailing schedule.  Feel free to contact  the commodore, Fred Maurer, for more information. 
There are many web sites associated with model yachting. To start with is the AMYA site which should be the starting point for all things associated with model yachts.  It will lead you into the variety of sailing classes which will help you to decide if there is a particular size or type of boat you are interested in.
The model yacht selected by the majority of members in the SCMYC is the East Coast 12 meter, usually referred to as the EC-12.  Each major class has it's own web site, and the EC-12 can be accessed from here.

There are many facets to model sailing, to include building and refining the boats, and the actual sailing which can be both serene and an adrenalin rush.  There are rules and strategy, sail tuning and hull preparation.  And don't forget the benefits of spending time with friends.  These diverse areas can be summed up as Competition, Craftsmanship, and Camaraderie.