Bringing computers into the school and sending computers out the door can take money. Over the last few years, we have come up with a few ways to raise money to fund our efforts. Among these are:

    1. Selling snacks at school special events At each school special event, the Asian Penguins have a snack table to sell Hot Cheetos (very popular with our kids), candy, and juice pouches. Please note: these are only done outside of normal school hours in order to comply with Federal Smart Snacks rules.
    2. T-shirt sales Each year we have our school’s graphic artist come up with a new t-shirt design. We take orders from both club members and the general public. AP members buy t-shirts at cost (about $9.00), and we charge everyone else $17.00. This helps cover the cost of students who cannot afford a shirt, as well as turn a little bit of profit.
    3. Pennies for Penguins This was a special fundraiser to get money for laptops for our sister school in Thailand. We placed a jar on the desk of each teacher in the building, and students were asked to bring change from home to put in their teachers’ jar. We made a contest out of it in which the elementary and middle school classes that raised the most money would win a popcorn party.
    4. Crowdfunding To get laptops for the middle school, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on complete with our own video. We then publicized the Indiegogo page as much as we could, inviting people to click on the link and make a donation. In the end, we raised $4,800 ($300.00 over our goal). We also received a donation of laptop computers during the campaign. In the end, we were able to get 60 laptops for the school. Here is our crowdfunding page:
    5. Civic organizations Your community likely has several civic clubs and professional organizations that want to help kids. Check with your town's local chapters of the Rotary Club, Lions Club, VFW, Knights of Columbus, and other groups.
    6. Grants The Asian Penguins have applied for and received grants from Free Geek Twin Cities, the Linux Foundation, Linux Academy, The Bigelow Foundation, The H.B. Fuller Foundation, and a few other organizations.
    7. Donations from individuals Some people have simply wanted to help by giving us a gift of money.

All of these have been helpful, and will likely continue to be!

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