Topic Activities Homework
 Games RPS, Passion Talk, Wordpress 1 dice
 Tuesday Narratology Twine, Ludology Narratology, Story 2 dice
 Wednesday Algorithms Twine, Egg Problem, Hour of Code polyhedron + 2 dice
 Thursday Programming Graph Fill Problem, Processing, RPS no dice
 Friday Graphics Animations, Perler Beads
 Monday Arduino Animations, Arduino Presentation Proposal
 Tuesday Board Games Dots and Boxes, Arduino
 Wednesday AI Monopoly, Board Games Board Game Presentation
 Thursday Final Projects Board Game Presentation Posters
 Friday Final Presentations Final Projects 

General Daily Schedule
 9:00 Session 1 - Lesson
 10:45 Break
 11:00 Session 2 - Blog and Design
 12:30 Lunch
 1:30 Session 3 - Computer Assignment

 WEEK 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 9:00 IntroNarratologyAlgorithmsProgramming Graphics
 10:45 Break Break Break Break Break
 11:00Games!DebateTwineGame JamPerler Beads
 BinaryGuest SpeakerProcessing
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
 1:30Wordpress WordpressWordpressWordpressGuest Speaker
 Guest SpeakerWordpress

 WEEK 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 9:00 Arduino Board GamesAIFinal ProjectsGame Testing
Dots and Boxes
Board Games
 10:45 Break Break Break Break Break
 11:00 Blog Blog  Board GamesPresentationsClean up
 12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
 1:30ArduinoSploderBlogFinal PosterPortfolio Review
 Guest SpeakerFinal ProjectGuest Speaker

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Your life story in collage
You as your network
Emotional Intelligence quotient
Multiple Intelligence type (kinesthetic, visual, mathematic, verbal, etc)