Automated estimation of leadership/ego developmental levels from text 
(A service from Open Way Solutions)

We apply advanced technologies to the assessment of wisdom skills in individuals and groups

 — to support the development of deep insight, broad perspectives, full compassion, and bold action.

Now in beta release!
  • Our technology is ready for early adopter use!  We are scoring within plus-or-minus one level with 95% confidence (and we continue to improve it).  Let us know if you are interested in being an early adopter!

Do you have big questions about human development in organizations or groups?  —  Let your curiosity fly with our new assessment tools!  


Our data science research has advanced to where can now offer low-cost developmental assessments for group-level scoring. The technology uses artificial intelligence to produce an estimated score of the StAGES sentence completion test (an extension of the work of Cook-Greuter and Loevinger) that is accurate enough for groups of 20-2,000 individuals. At this time we do not provide assessments for individual's learning or coaching (for that contract Pacific Integral).  We currently offer results suitable for aggregate or group-level assessment questions.  For example:
  • Pre-vs-post testing of leadership training programs or other interventions or programs
  • Developmental center-of-gravity mapping for organizational cultures and capacities 
  • Comparison of subgroups or demographic categories within populations or organizations
  • Large-scale and random-sample research assessments of population ego development
  • Targeting consultation and messaging an audience based on developmental capacities
What does it actually look like to do a group or population assessment?  Our procedure is described here



This is the home page for the StageLens project. In 2015 we received funds from the MetaIntegral Foundation to carry out exploratory research that is now complete (the report can be found here). We were awarded to receive additional function from the 2016 MetaIntegral Foundation Grant program As explained here, we are using these funds to beta-test our technology with with a handful of social-transformation organizations. The technology is now in beta-release and ready to be used by early adopters.  We are particularly interested in applications in the areas of postsecondary and adult education, healthcare, human resources, organizational transformation, dispute mediation, and socially responsible investing.   

For more information contact Tom Murray.
Principal Investigator/instigator