Stacey’s Studio of Dance Education

819 North 18th Avenue East 

Duluth, Minnesota 55812


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2023-2024 Season

Welcome to the 38th season of dance. I know this studio would not exist without you. Therefore, should you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints; I am always willing to listen. You can contact me by calling 728-6080, email, or by setting up an appointment with the receptionist. I hope this will be a very happy, rewarding and educational year for us all! The following information should help you to understand the operational procedures for the 2023-2024 season. Classes begin Monday, September 11th.

Location: The studio is located in the Stacey’s Studio of Dance Education building at 819 North 18th Avenue East.  Free parking is available in the lot directly attached to the studio and in the lot across the street on 18th avenue. The entrance to the studio is up the front stairs and through the red doors.

Studio Description:  We have five dance studios, an office, waiting room, three washrooms, homework area, kitchen and a small dance boutique. Studio colors are Red and Black.

Class Info:  Most classes are one hour long and usually run on time so please be prompt. If for any reason a student is late, they will still be permitted into class. Classes run from September–June with some limited summer lessons available. The Duluth Public School calendar will be followed (some breaks differ). Payments are by the month.

Dress: Students must be in proper dance attire to be permitted into class. Examples of proper attire are listed below.

Most students arrive dressed for class. However, changing space is provided. In all classes, t-shirts and sweatshirts are permitted for warm up only.

Shoes - proper dance shoes are required in all classes. Pink Ballet and Black taps are preferred. Jazz shoes may be any color.

All students must have dance shoes of the same style and color for the recital. All required shoes are sold at the Happy Feet Shop at the Studio.

*To protect the life of our studio floors, we ask that no street shoes be worn into the studio with the exception of Observation days.

Shoe and Dance Wear Sales: Shoes and tights can be purchased at the Happy Feet Dance shop in the studio. We offer quality brands at reasonable prices. We are willing to take special requests and special orders.  All special orders must be paid for before ordering and postage will be charged. Please make checks for dance supplies payable to Happy Feet.

Studio Shoe Exchange: We do have a basket of used shoes for sale at all times at the studio. Simply bring your old shoes in a zip lock bag with your name and a selling price on them. When they are sold, we will give you the money. Shoes tend to sell best in Sept., Jan., and May. Make sure you check the box for a great way to save money. Placing shoes in this box is done at your own risk.

Tuition: Payment is by the month and the amount will always remain the same no matter how many lessons you receive per month. Payment is due on the FIRST lesson of each month. If payment is not received by the start of the third class, the student will not be permitted into class and a 5% LATE FEE will be charged.  If you have a problem with this arrangement please contact Stacey to arrange an alternate plan. YOU MUST PAY FOR MISSED LESSONS! Missed lessons may be made up in another class if you desire. Since we follow the school calendar, we take a Winter Recess, and Spring Break. Nevertheless, payments will remain the same.  Discounts are given to students taking more than one class. Discounts are per child not per family. This year a registration fee of $30.00 per family will be charged to have each student placed on file. All boys receive one free trial month of dance. 

*In an attempt to keep prices down, we accept cash and checks and VENMO @stacey-dimberio only.

Scholarships: A scholarship fund has been set up for a limited number of students who truly want and love to dance, but can’t afford classes. If you are in need of a dance scholarship, please contact Stacey for more information. Each year a Silver Star Scholarship, Jessica Taylor Memorial, and the Nancy Amberg Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to 3 deserving students.

Attendance: Attendance will be taken in each class. Good attendance is essential for learning. Also, as mentioned above, missed lessons are still paid for. If you miss a class and would like to make it up, please contact Stacey for makeup times. Stacey reserves the right to refuse a student’s privilege to perform based on attendance. 

Observation: Parents are always welcome to wait in the waiting room. Parents are allowed into the studio to observe classes in November. Please feel free to take pictures and record on observation day. Please do not record during regular classes. During regular classes siblings must be supervised in the waiting room while classes are in progress. We do not offer baby-sitting for students or siblings.

Holiday Program: Each December, we hold a holiday performance, which consists of both food and dance. The performance is not mandatory; it is simply a holiday celebration. The main goal is for the students to have a trial run before the recital. They also have the benefit of watching other students perform and have a good time!  Some simple inexpensive costumes may be required and your food must be purchased. December 11th is the tentative date. More info will be sent home later.

June Recital: Our studio puts on a June production. Recital participation is not mandatory; however, we do try to put on a good performance without a lot of extra work. You will be asked to decide by December 8th whether you will be participating as a $40.00 costume deposit per class and $80.00 recital fee (explanation below) will be due at that time. Please note that recital participation does involve some added expense. 

The following list of what you will need should be helpful. 

The following things are offered for the recital but are not required: 

One parent from each class is expected to volunteer to work backstage at the recital. The day before the recital, a dress rehearsal is mandatory. Although the recital is an added cost, it usually turns out to be a special event and highlight of the year. The benefits received from performing on the stage and family participation far outweigh the costs.  

Note: December is a terrible time to have to make a costume deposit and recital fee. If you would prefer to make earlier payments, we will set you up with a recital account. All balances are due by February 1st.  Recital weekend is June 7th-8th.

Bad Weather: In case of bad weather, call the studio answering machine after 1:30p.m. In most cases, if school or after school activities are cancelled in the Duluth School District, dance is also cancelled. When classes are cancelled you will be informed of rescheduled classes at your next lesson. If school has a delayed start, after school dance will run as scheduled

Misc. Suggestions: Always check dance bags and email for notes. Please put names on shoes, bags, etc. Check the lost and found box.  Check the website at .  If you have any concerns, please come to me before they become problems. A happy atmosphere makes for a good learning environment.