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Welcome to the SRSP2024 site!  Here you will find information on all the research projects we offer, both internally and externally, as well as schedules, resources and policies, and the latest announcements so you always know what's going on.  You can apply for SRSP2024 through our online form, and of course, don't hesitate to contact someone on our  team should you have any questions.  Happy learning!

The purpose of the Science and Research Summer Program (SRSP), is to give superior high school students hands-on research experience by working on research projects with North Carolina Central University (NCCU) science professors in many disciplines. The research program is supported by the CREST center (NSF support) , the Partnership for Research and Education in nanoMaterials (PREM) between Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and NCCU, and URC center (NASA support), and is open to students the summer between their junior and senior year of high school.  Students are selected from high schools in North Carolina to be involved in this summer research program. It is expected that this experience will have a positive effect on student interest in careers in science technology engineering and math disciplines. The SRSP will offer students an excellent opportunity to experience NCCU as they begin to consider which college they want to attend.  The director of the program is Dr. Branislav Vlahovic, Professor of Physics in the College of Health and Sciences (CHAS) at NCCU.

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