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The paper trail for William Rich's ancestry is still a work in progress.  A number of Rich's are participating in the Y-Chromosome study at the Rich Family Association.  The study has shown that William Rich was closely related to a Rich/Reach line which descends from Timothy Rich who purchased 400 acres in Goochland County, Virginia in 1730.  Male descendants of William Rich, including myself, are close matches to several other Rich's, some of whom have a paper trail leading back to Timothy Rich. 

The Family Tree DNA results provide hints to the more distant past of Timothy Rich's family.  Other men who have been tested are not as closely related to me as the various branches of Timothy's descendants, but apparently share a common ancestry about twice as far back.  These slightly more distant Y DNA matches at Family Tree DNA suggest that Timothy Rich had an Irish ancestor, within a few hundred years before he was born.  Family Tree DNA calculates 95% odds of a common ancestor (in the male line) in 20 generations between myself and two men of Irish descent, whose ancestral names were Phelan/Whelan and Tehan.  This would be about the middle part of the 1400's.  There appears to be slightly more distant connections to a Fehily family and a McCarthy family, also Irish.  The lack of close matches from England, so far, suggests to me that Timothy Rich's roots there were not deep.

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM RICH was born 01 Nov 1802 in North Carolina, and died 09 Aug 1846 in Tennessee.  He married KEZIAH HAMPTON 23 Oct 1823 in North Carolina, daughter of LENT HAMPTON and UNKNOWN.  She was born 03 Dec 1802 probably in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and died 12 Jul 1878.

2. i. SARAH MATILDA RICH, b. 12 Dec 1824, North Carolina.
3. ii. LUCINDA C. RICH, b. 25 Feb 1826, Tennessee; d. Bef. 1860, probably in Iron County, Missouri.
4. iii. BARTLEY HAMPTON RICH, b. 16 Dec 1827, Blount County, Tennessee; d. 06 Feb 1910, Birchtree, Shannon County, Missouri.
 iv. ANN M. RICH, b. 02 Oct 1829, Tennessee; m. MOSES W. LIGHT, 27 Sep 1847, Knox County, Tennessee; b. Abt. 1829, North Carolina.
 v. EMILY C. RICH, b. 25 Aug 1831.
5. vi. ROBERT ALEXANDER RICH, b. 09 Feb 1834, Tennessee; d. 27 Aug 1918.
6. vii. ELIZABETH BULINDA "MELINDA" RICH, b. 29 May 1836, Tennessee.
7. viii. WILLIAM JOSEPH MARION RICH, b. 10 Aug 1838, Tennessee; d. Dec 1915, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.
8. ix. JOHN C. RICH, b. 13 Jan 1841.
9. x. HARVEY DOKE RICH, b. 11 Sep 1844, Tennessee; d. 22 Mar 1918, Newton County, Arkansas.

Generation No. 2

2.  SARAH MATILDA RICH (WILLIAM) was born 12 Dec 1824 in North Carolina.  She married WILLIAM THOMAS COTTRELL 25 Dec 1842 in Blount County, Tennessee, son of RICHARD COTTRELL and MATILDA VAUGHT.  He was born Abt. 1824 in Tennessee.
 i. HENRY COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1844, Tennessee.
 ii. LUCINDA ELIZABETH COTTRELL, b. 21 Mar 1847, Tennessee; d. 21 Nov 1926, Eminence Township, Shannon County, Missouri; m. (1) JOHN F. RAMSEY, 01 Oct 1863, Dent County, Missouri; m. (2) ALEXANDER ENDY, 03 Jul 1872, Dent County, Missouri; b. Abt. 1853, Alabama.
 iii. EMILY MATILDA COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1848, Tennessee.
 iv. WILLIAM COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1850.
 v. BUREL? COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1852.
 vi. JOHN COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1855, Missouri; m. NANCY DEWEES, 20 Feb 1877, Dent County, Missouri; b. Abt. 1857, Missouri.
 vii. TENNESSEE COTTRELL, b. Oct 1857, Missouri; m. JOHN A. MCCARTER, 01 Jan 1873, Dent County, Missouri; b. Dec 1850, Tennessee; d. 01 Jun 1927, Dent County, Missouri.
 viii. HARVEY R. COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1861.
 ix. CALVIN COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1864.

3.  LUCINDA C. RICH (WILLIAM) was born 25 Feb 1826 in Tennessee, and died Bef. 1860 probably in Iron County, Missouri.  She married JESSE ROE, son of LEVI ROE and CATHERINE.  He was born 09 Oct 1827 in Knox County, Tennessee, and died 01 Apr 1915 in Piney Township, Oregon County, Missouri.  After Lucinda died, JESSE married MARY JANE MORTON, and had at least six more children. 
 i. EMILY CATHERINE ROE, b. 22 Nov 1851, Iron County, Missouri; d. 15 May 1916, Bunker, Dent County, Missouri; m. ALEXANDER HIGHLEY; b. Abt. 1856, Missouri.

4.  BARTLEY HAMPTON RICH (WILLIAM) was born 16 Dec 1827 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 06 Feb 1910 in Birchtree, Shannon County, Missouri.  He married MATILDA BOOTHE 23 Dec 1847 in Knox County, Tennessee.  She was born Abt. 1826 in Tennessee.
 i. WILLIAM BERLEW RICH, b. Abt. 1848, Knox County, Tennessee; d. Bet. 1884 - 1900, Missouri; m. ADALINE HARPER, Abt. 1870; b. 23 Apr 1853, Tennessee; d. 16 Apr 1911, Chappell Township, Howell County, Missouri.
 ii. HESTER ANN RICH, b. 20 Dec 1850, Missouri; m. ASA GREEN BREWER, 12 Apr 1883, Dent County, Missouri; b. Mar 1850, Tennessee; d. 15 Nov 1932, Oregon County, Missouri.
 iii. ANNIS AUVISE RICH, b. 24 Feb 1853, Missouri; d. 18 May 1890; m. ALFRED JOHNSON BAY, 1874, Dent County, Missouri; b. 09 Nov 1849, Missouri; d. 12 Jun 1930, St. Francois County, Missouri.
 iv. KEZIAH JOSEPHINE RICH, b. 13 Nov 1855; m. SHELBY (SHELVEY?) CHRISCO; b. Abt. 1853, Missouri.
 v. ELIZA FINETTA RICH, b. 22 Jul 1858, Iron County, Missouri; d. 02 Dec 1924, Shannon County, Missouri; m. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BAY, 1876; b. 08 Aug 1853, Missouri; d. 18 Jan 1936.
 vi. BARTLEY H. RICH, b. 26 Jun 1862.
 vii. SARAH MATILDA RICH, b. 23 Jan 1866, Missouri; d. 13 Jan 1932, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri; m. ROBERT ALLEN CAGE, 18 Nov 1883, Dent County, Missouri; b. Abt. 1861, Missouri.

5.  ROBERT ALEXANDER RICH (WILLIAM) was born 09 Feb 1834 in Tennessee, and died 27 Aug 1918.  He married MARY BROWN SHRUM 11 Dec 1853, daughter of JOHN SHRUM and MARGARET WEBB.  She was born 02 Jul 1829 in Tennessee, and died 02 Jul 1912 in Kaolin Township, Iron County, Missouri.
Children of ROBERT RICH and MARY SHRUM are:
 i. LUCINDA CATHERINE RICH, b. 21 Feb 1856; d. 03 May 1897; m. WILLIAM MARION PINKLEY, 14 Dec 1876, Reynolds County, Missouri; b. 18 Dec 1855, Iron County, Missouri; d. 27 Apr 1936.
 ii. WILLIAM H. RICH, b. 02 Oct 1858.
 iii. BARTLEY URI RICH, b. 05 Feb 1861, Shannon County, Missouri; d. 05 Dec 1946, Iron County, Missouri; m. (1) RHODA E. PINKLEY, 24 Dec 1885, Reynolds County, Missouri; b. 06 Mar 1867, Missouri; d. 08 Oct 1912; m. (2) ELISAMA WOMBLE, 03 Jun 1915, Iron County, Missouri; b. 29 Dec 1886, Iron County, Missouri; d. 29 Oct 1951, Iron County, Missouri.
 iv. SARAH LOURINDA RICH, b. 04 Oct 1863.
 v. SUSAN IDA LOUISA RICH, b. 04 Mar 1867.
 vi. MARY OLLIE RICH, b. 05 Jul 1869.
 vii. LUCY BELLE RICH, b. 26 Jun 1871, Missouri; m. SAMUEL HATRIDGE; b. Oct 1868, Missouri.
 viii. JOSEPH ALEXANDER RICH, b. 29 Aug 1873; d. 13 Feb 1898; m. SARAH ANNA O'BRYAN, 20 Jan 1895; b. Jul 1875, Missouri.

6.  ELIZABETH BULINDA "MELINDA" RICH (WILLIAM) was born 29 May 1836 in Tennessee.  She married (1) JOHN DAVID BOOTH 06 Nov 1853 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  He was born Abt. 1832.  She married (2) ANTHONY SAVAGE 28 Aug 1860 in Iron County, Missouri.  He was born 1828 in Ireland.
Children of ELIZABETH RICH and JOHN BOOTH are:
 i. EMILY BOOTH, b. Oct 1854, Missouri; m. ANDREW J. FLOWERS, 30 Jul 1873, Dent County, Missouri; b. Jun 1838, Ohio.
 ii. JANE "JANIE" KEZIAH BOOTH, b. Dec 1859, Missouri; d. 07 Jun 1940; m. JAMES PRESTON MCGAUGH, 1886; b. Abt. 1855, Missouri.

 iii. JOHN H. SAVAGE, b. 22 May 1866, Missouri; d. 09 Mar 1939; m. MARTHA L. LANDERS, 18 Dec 1882, Dent County, Missouri; b. Nov 1864, Tennessee.
 iv. REBECCA SAVAGE, b. 28 Feb 1868, Missouri; d. 1959; m. GRIGGS C. LANDERS, 18 Dec 1882, Dent County, Missouri.

7.  WILLIAM JOSEPH MARION RICH (WILLIAM) was born 10 Aug 1838 in Tennessee, and died Dec 1915 in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.  He married LYDIA SIDNEY ROE 08 Mar 1858 in Iron County, Missouri, daughter of LEVI ROE and CATHERINE.  She was born 20 Sep 1834 in Knox County, Tennessee.
Children of WILLIAM RICH and LYDIA ROE are:
 i. WILLIAM J. RICH, b. Abt. 1859.
 ii. ADISON HARRISON RICH, b. 1862, Missouri; m. DORCAS; b. Dec 1862, Arkansas.
 iii. KEZIAH J. RICH, b. Abt. 1864; m. ROBERT J MOLE 29 Aug 1883 in Boone County, Arkansas.
 iv. JOHN C. RICH, b. Abt. 1868; m. EVELINE REBECCA CHANEY; b. 08 Aug 1865, Missouri; d. 26 Nov 1894, Boone County, Arkansas.
 v. JAMES ALEXANDER RICH, b. 09 Nov 1870, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas; d. 17 Mar 1960; m. MARTHA LEONA BALL; b. 12 Apr 1876; d. 25 Sep 1919.

8.  JOHN C. RICH (WILLIAM) was born 13 Jan 1841.  He married SARAH JANE SMITH 30 Oct 1865 in Dent County, Missouri, daughter of SIMEON SMITH and ELIZABETH JOHNSTON.  She was born Abt. 1844 in Missouri.
Child of JOHN RICH and SARAH SMITH is:
 i. FRANCIS MARION RICH, b. Abt. 1862, Dent County, Missouri; m. MARIE; b. Nov 1875, Missouri.

9.  HARVEY DOKE RICH (WILLIAM) was born 11 Sep 1844 in Tennessee, and died 22 Mar 1918 in Newton County, Arkansas.  He married (1) LOUISA CAROLINE SAUNAE/SAUNIER? 22 Jul 1869 in Dent County, Missouri.  She was born Abt. 1852 in Missouri.  He married (2) MARY ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD 08 Jun 1873 in Dent County, Missouri, daughter of WILLIAM UNDERWOOD and MAHALA TUCKER.  She was born 24 Dec 1855 in Missouri, and died 15 Mar 1931 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Marriage of Harvey Doke Rich and Mary Elizabeth Underwood

Tombstone of Harvey Doke Rich and Mary Elizabeth Underwood Rich
 i. MARY IRENE RICH, b. 10 Sep 1870, Gila, Missouri; d. 13 Jan 1955, Bunker, Dent County, Missouri; m. ROBERT LEWIS HIGHLEY, 02 May 1894, Dent County, Missouri; b. Jan 1859, Missouri.
 ii. JOHN CALVIN RICH, b. Abt. 1872, Dent County, Missouri; m. ELLEN WILSON; b. Jan 1864, Wayne County, Missouri; d. 08 Nov 1935, Union Township, Iron County, Missouri.

 iii. ADA CATHERINE RICH, b. 29 Jun 1874, Missouri; m. JOHN W. MAHAN
6 Aug 1893, Shannon County, Missouri; b. Abt. 1866, Missouri.
WILLIAM "WILLIE" HARVEY RICH, b. 27 Sep 1875, Kennett, Dunklin County, Missouri; d. 22 Dec 1956, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas; m. ANNIE ISABELLE VANDERPOOL, 13 Jan 1905, Newton County, Arkansas; b. 28 Apr 1888, Newton County, Arkansas; d. 17 Feb 1977, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.  Annie was the daughter of FRANCIS MARION VANDERPOOL and SHULEMITE ELIZABETH AMMONS.
 v. BARTLEY DOKE RICH, b. 03 Mar 1877, Bartlett, Shannon County, Missouri; d. 31 Dec 1944, Newton County, Arkansas; m. (1) THENA CAMPBELL; m. (2) SARAH ISABELLE WILSON, 08 Dec 1899, Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas; b. Tennessee.
 vi. FRANCIS RICH, b. Abt. 1879.
 vii. ANN RICH, b. Jun 1880.
 viii. ELIZABETH ARMINTA RICH, b. 29 Oct 1883, Missouri; m. DAVID MONROE EASTER, 10 Oct 1906, Newton County, Arkansas; b. 08 Apr 1883, Arkansas; d. 15 Mar 1969, Washington County, Arkansas.
 ix. HARRY FRED RICH, b. 05 Dec 1886, Cotton Plant, Dunklin County, Missouri; d. 15 Mar 1969, Stilwell, Adair County, Oklahoma; m. ARMINDA ELNORA BEAN, Newton County, Arkansas; b. 24 Feb 1890, Oklahoma; d. 20 Feb 1974, Stilwell, Adair County, Oklahoma.
 x. CORA VIOLA RICH, b. 23 Sep 1888, Missouri; m. JOSEPH E ZEARING, 8 May 1904 in Newton County, Arkansas.
 xi. HERMAN CHRISTOPHER RICH, b. 25 May 1890, Missouri; d. 13 Oct 1954, Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri; m. ELSIE BEAN; b. 12 Jun 1901, Arkansas; d. 20 Jan 1984, Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas.
 xii. MAGGIE KEZIAH RICH, b. 28 Dec 1893, Birchtree, Shannon County, Missouri; d. 29 Aug 1976, Arkansas; m. (1) RICHARD LEE JONES, Abt. 1912; m. (2) JOHN HALL, Abt. 1919; b. Jan 1880, Arkansas; m. (3) GEORGE PATRICK, Abt. 1928; b. Abt. 1883, Arkansas.
 xiii. EMMA RICH, b. 05 Jul 1897, Deer, Newton County, Arkansas; d. 29 Jan 1988, Redding, Shasta County, California; m. (1) JAMES ABRAHAM BOWERS, Apr 1914, Swain, Newton County, Arkansas; b. Abt. 1892, Missouri; m. (2) WESLEY PERKEY, 1929, Salinas, California; m. (3) VERNON DAVIS.
 xiv. MAHALA RICH, b. 26 Mar 1899, Wayton, Newton County, Arkansas; d. 24 Oct 1973, Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico; m. ROBERT MURAT HALL, 23 Sep 1916, Wayton, Newton County, Arkansas; b. 12 Mar 1890, Patrick, Madison County, Arkansas; d. 20 Jan 1967.