What is SQG and what does it do?

SQL Query Generator (or abbreviated as sqg) is a console/command line program that can assist you in making INSERT INTO, DELETE, and UPDATE queries for your SQL databases.  SQG saves time making SQL queries by placing all of the necessary punctuation(ie, commas, quotes, semi-colons) in the correct places automatically.  The goal is to have this program create queries that can be run on [most] any SQL database and not use dbms specific datatypes. SQL Query Generator can output the queries you make into a text file, print to the screen, or both.  Since it is a command line program, it can be run on a remote machine via ssh.  Only standard C libraries are used so there wont be a need to install a new library just to get it to compile (my biggest complaint about getting some GUI Linux programs to compile).  The compiled executable file is less than 100k in size and uses very little system resources.  SQG is released to the public under the GPL software license.

Who should use this program?

Anyone who knows how to use a SQL database.  You don't need to be an expert on SQL, but should know what a SQL query looks like, how to write one in a text editor, and how to run it on a database.

Does it run on Windows / Linux / Mac ?

The source code for SQG is written in standard C.  The main IDE for development is Kdevelop and compiled with gcc. 

It will run on Dos or Windows (command line). 
When version 1.0 is released a compiled exe will be available for download but if you are ultra paranoid about malware you can still download the source and compile it yourself. There was a GUI front end for version 0.9, but it is no longer maintained and wont work properly with version 1.0.

Please note that due to differences in the way line breaks are handled in Linux and Windows, a txt file with a create table query written in Linux will not work with SQG on a Dos/Windows machine.  An easy work around is to open the txt file in Wordpad(not notepad) and just save the file.  That will convert the line breaks to the Dos/Windows style.  A txt file with a create table query written on a Dos/Windows machine will work just fine on Linux with no modification necessary.

Since it was developed in a GNU/Linux environment, users of any flavor of Linux shouldn't have any trouble compiling the source.

As far as Mac / any other OS: I, the author don't have any other operating systems to test this on.  So if you do and want to give it a go I'd be interested to hear if it works for you.

Latest news:

July 12th, 2012:  SQG 1.0 released today.  Also, 11 years ago today was when the SQL Query Generator project was first announced.

July 8th, 2012: added 2 screenshots.

July 6th, 2012:
Version 1.0 is still on track to be released on the 12th. Added a few more lines to the ChangeLog.

June 19th, 2012: Added the ChangeLog file which describes changes for every version including the upcoming version 1.0.  The source code for version 1.0 is done and will be released in about three weeks after a little more testing and making sure the documentation is up to date.

SQL Query Generator on freecode.com

Latest version is 1.0