Oregon Scope Werks Spray Silvering pages *

* Please note: the Oregon Scope Werks is an informal group of amateur telescope makers. We're not a club, we just share ideas about improving telescopes, our latest projects, and in this case a few of us are working together in the hope of perfecting the spray silver technique of coating telescope mirrors. A few of live near each other but for the most part we all communicate through the OSW email forum.

We're not the first amateur telescope makers to try spray silvering, and we realize we don't know everything there is to know about this process. But we're committed to learning how to make better and more durable spray silver coatings, and as we learn more we'll post updates here.

It's important to acknowledge that both Jerry Merz and Bob Schalck have been a huge part of the spray silvering project, and we wouldn't have progressed as far as we have without them.