Curated Collection for Gender and Sport

Sex and Gender in Sports

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 Kris Jenkin's View of Life in the N.F.L. "Ignore 'The Mama's Boys' Myth" from NPR [podcast] "Aces are Wild: Our Own Worst Enemy," by Glass "Pee-Wee Hockey Player Wishes Dad Cared Enough to Fight at Hockey," from The Onion
 "Intimidation Rules," by Tim Layden   "Be a Man" Ted Talk"The New Man" podcast   "Richie Incognito Disappointed Wells Report Left Out Best Stuff He Did to Jonathan Martin" from The Onion
 "A New Breed of Men is Redefining Masculinity "Combine: The NFL and Measuring Male Masculinity"
"The 10 Best Rock Songs about Masculinity"  "Sonny Liston Poem," by Muhammad Ali
  Reds Pitcher Aroldis Carried Off Field on Stretcher after Being Hit by a Pitch "Torey Krug on Game 2 Win:  It Comes Down to How Hard You Want to Battle"
"UWI Gender Class:  Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean"  "Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry," by James Wright
  "Major League Baseball Approved Padded Cap for Pitchers," by Hagen "Sports and Masculinity""Dale and Holley on the NFL Draft" (podcast and transcript) "He is Just a Little Boy," by Bob Fox
  "Bode Miller Breaks Down in Emotional Post-Race Interview with NBC""This is a Man's World: Masculinity and Sports Culture"  "Inside the Simple Male Mind: With LB 5-12-2014" (podcast)"Bombardment," by Joseph Bruchac (male narrator) in Sports Shorts 
  "After Darren Sharper, the NFL Must Address Violence against Women," by Dave Zirin "15 Best Baseball Movies" from the Art of Manliness

Thank You from the Bruins
"Bulls, Bikes, Bullets, Brother: The Moth Radio Program" "Two Left Feet, Two Left Hands, and Too Left on the Bench," by David Lubar (male narrator) 
in Sports Shorts  
  "Playing Too Womanly and the Problem of Masculinity in Sports," by Grossman and Brake"A Look at Femininity and Masculinity"  "A Wrestler, an Exonoree, and a Nurse: The Moth Radio Program" "Finishing Blocks and Deadly Hook Shots," by Terry Trueman 
in Sports Shorts
  Terry Francona Created "Culture of Hope" in Cleveland"Constructing Gender in Advertising/ Sports: Adidas Commercial"  "Boy Soldier, Quarterback, Pick Up Lines and Peaches: The Moth Radio Program"  "On Being Written In," by Jamie McEwan (male narrator) 
in Sports Shorts
 "Serena Williams and 'getting emotional' over Title IX," by Zirin  "Jennifer Welter Becomes First Non-Kicker to Play Men's Pro Football""Disney, Racecars, and the Red Sox: The Moth Radio Program" "The Last Baseball Samurai," by Tom Clark (attachment)
  "Richard Petty on Danika Patrick Comments: 'I'm not Sexist'" The Gender Gap in Wages

"Sports Betting Podcasts"


"High Stick," by Billy Collins (attachment)
  "Paula Creamer Sinks 75-Foot Eagle Putt to Seal HSBC Women's Championship Win" Female Athletes and Sports Media

"In Sports, There's No Such Thing as a Bad Hustle" Podcast from Frank DeFord

 "Catch," by Robert Francis (attachment) 
  "Mikaela Shiffrin Appears on Cover of Sports Illustrated after Sochi Gold" GQ Comedy Issue (visual)"Female Sports Journalists: Still a Problem"  "Riding the Century," by Alexandra Sly (female protagonist) in Sports Shorts
  "Playing with Barbie Dolls Affects Career Aspirations for Girls" "What a Catch!""Prosthetics, Boot Camp, and Heartache: The Moth Radio Program""First Position," by Marilyn Singer (female protagonist) 
in Sports Shorts  
 "Paradise Under the Field House Lights:  A Teacher Researcher Study Around Gender Constructions at a Public High School," by Fortuna "Masculinity in Female Sports"
 "Candace Parker about Magic Johnson" ESPN Podcast "In Praise of Female Athletes Who Were Told No," by Brad Cran 
 "Gender Stereotyping in Televised Sports," by Duncan, Messner, Wilson, and Jensen "Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete"
 "WNBA Podcast: Dishin' and Swishin'" "Finding High Jump Fame: A Shorts Story," by Dorian Cirrone (female protagonist)  
in Sports Shorts
 "The Dramatic Drop in Women's Sports Coverage: An Interview with Mike Messner," by Zirin "This Video Perfectly Explains Why Body Image is Different for Women""Gender Segregation in Sports" Podcast  "Sonja Henie Sonnet," by Edward Field (attachment)
 "Toward a Level Playing Field:  Sport and Gender in Australian Media" by the Australian  Sport Commission"Gender Inequality in Sports"   "How Many Females Get the Sports Illustrated Cover?""Joan Benoit," by Rina Ferrarelli (attachment)  
 PigtailPals & Ballcap Buddies "Sports Balls (Song for Kids)" "Sports Reporting: The Way It Was and Is" by Frank DeFord  "Babe Didrikson," by Grantland Rice (attachment)
 "For the First Time, Iowa Girl Wins a State Wrestling Match.. by Forfeit," by Smith"Female Sportscasters: Challenging a Male-Dominated Industry" (view 10 min.) "What if Sterling were Anti-Gay?" podcast  "Line Drive," by Tanya West (female protagonist) 
in Sports Shorts
 "The World Cup of Domestic Abuse," by Clark-Flory "Inspiration Knows No Bounds: Female Athletes""Outside the Lines: ESPN Podcast"  
 "Gendered Images in Sports Film:  What Messages are Being Sent?" by Dane "Marionette: No Wires Direct TV Commercial"
"NFL Draft and Michael Sams from Outsports"  
  "NBA to Donate All Proceeds from Jason Collins Jersey Sales""Masculine and Feminine Gender" Video for Children  "Steroid Use Surprisingly High among Gay and Bisexual Teens" "Close-Minded Man Not Even Willing to Hear Out Argument on Why Homosexuality an Abomination" from The Onion
   "At Long Last, Jason Collins is the First," by Dave Zirin "U.S. Gold Medalist Speaks out on Russia's Anti-Gay Law" (podcast)"Jason Collins: Gay Athletes, White House, Media"   "New NFL Poll Finds Most Players Not Ready to Date Gay Teammate," from The Onion
  "After the Press Conference: Michael Sam and 'the Man Box,'" by Dave Zirin"Gay Athletes and Chico's Angels for L.A. Condom Campaign"   "Obama Selects Gay Athletes for Sochi Delegation""Gay Athletes," by Phil Artman
 "Britteny Grinder says Baylor's Stance on Homosexuality Caused 'Pain'""Sexuality and Masculinity in Sports with Keith Olbermann" "No Holds Barred: Transgendered Athletes, Concussions, and Contact Sports""Poetry Knows No Preference: The 10 Most Famous LGBT Poets in History"
  "It's Okay to be Neither" blog post"An Inspiring Message from Gay Athletes" "Irving Kaufman Sings 'Masculine Women, Feminine Men'" "Gay (A Poem)," from the Give a Damn campaign
"Transgender Athlete's Bravery Worthy of Cheers" "Why 2013 is a Huge Year for Gay Athletes"  "ESPN: Will Gay Athletes Be Accepted in Sports?" "Walt Whitman, Poet of Gay Liberation" 
"Queer-E Newlsetter from UMass Amherst" "You Can Play Project: Amherst College" "Transgender in Sports" talk  "A Flower in Broken Leaf," by Edward Lefroy
"Research Examines Masculinity and Sexuality in Sports"  "You Can Play Project: Ryan Pomenville and Zdeno Chara"

"Mothers, Virgins, and Rifles: The Moth Radio Hour"  "Leaves of Grass," by Walt Whitman
  "6 Gay Athletes Who Came Out Before Jason Collins" You Tube "Gambling and Long Lost Dads: The Moth Radio Program" "James Baldwin Didn't Understand 'Homosexual'" 
 "Journey of the Gay Athlete" 

"Insanity," by Gaston Dubois (attachment) 
 "17 Extraordinary Gay and Lesbian Athletes" 
 "Love and Basketball"