Club members can earn points that can be traded for COOL prizes for participation in fun activities. Check out the mailing label on your next mailer. You will see a number by your name. 
That is the number of points you have earned by participating in EnviroKids’ Club activities!

Here's an example of what the mailing address looks like, and where you can find your prize points amount.

Suzy Que, 25

1010 Environmental Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201

Earning Points

Return a completed mailer by due date or submit a photo to earn 5 to 25 points. Attend and participate in a EnviroKids' Club event (i.e. send in a picture of you at the event) to earn 5 to 10 points.

Prize Options

  • 10 points: EnviroKids pencil or recycled pen
  • 20 points: Recycled YoYo
  • 30 points: Recycled piggy bank, small Frisbee, or LightRecycle sunglasses
  • 50 points: Reusable tote bag or Sun catcher
  • 70 points: Water Bottle
  • 100 points: Little Spokane River Journal

Prize Request Form (Fill-in pdf)