Control Fighter movement. UP,Down, Left or Right

Keyboard: W,S,A,D

Press FIRE button to shoot plasma. If the energy bar is empty, you'll need to recharge.

* 1 unit of energy can power 10 plasma shots.

Mouse: Left Click

Hold FIRE button between 1-2 seconds and release to launch missile salvo. Longer press fires more missiles.

* Holding for more than 2 seconds will restore 1 energy unit if depleted.

Special Move

Hold Fire button for more than 2 seconds and release.

Launch special Electro-Magenetic disrupter rocket - annihilates all enemy in straight path.

Fighter enters 2 second spin roll

Tap fire button to spread multiple plasma for wide kill zone coverage. ( cost half unit of energy)

Fighter limited to forward and backward movement while rolling.

*Special move Can be triggered any time if more than 3 units of power is available.

Disrupter rocket icon will be shown in upper left of the screen.

Press right mouse. Or tap on the icon to shoot.

Weapon Icon - If shown, Press right mouse button to activate.


Activated for half a second using Special move. Fighter goes into invincible vortex spin with shield at tip.

Energy Power pack pickup

Increase energy.

Flashing Vortex

Enter to Warp to different level.

Earth Base, Worm Hole, Moon Base, Mars Base, Alien Home Planet.

Joy Stick / Game controller Support

Touch Screen Support

If game controller is not connected. On screen thumb pad will be shown

(Currently supported Android phone / Tablets)