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Spinoza Mini-conference -- APA Pacific, 2008

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"Projectivism in the Ethics: 3p9s and 3p39s."
Author: Michael LeBuffe (Texas A&M)
Comments by Matt Kisner (University of South Carolina)

“Striving, Oomph, and Intelligibility in Spinoza”
Author: Michael Della Rocca (Yale University)
Comments by: Don Rutherford (UCSD)

“Representation and Misrepresentation in Spinoza’s Psychology"
Author: Don Garrett (NYU)
Comments by: Charlie Huenemann (Utah State University)

“The Power of Reason Over the Passions”
Author:  Martin Lin (Rutgers University)
Comments by: Karolina Huebner (University of Chicago)

“Wonder, Miracles, and Politics”
Author: Michael Rosenthal (University of Washington)
Comments by: Tom Cook (Rollins College)

“Harmony and Discord in Spinoza's Social Model of the Mind"
Author: Eugene Marshall (Dartmouth College)
Comments by: Minna Koivuniemi (Uppsala Universitet)