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Thank you for visiting Spanish Learning Online.  I am currently seeking students for my SIX  classes for the 2017-2018  academic year, one of which, AP Spanish Language, is offered in conjunction with PA Homeschoolers.  I have developed a diverse range of Spanish online courses for students at all stages of the language learning process.  In each course, I work with students on both a personal level and in a group environment to develop the four essential components of Spanish language learning: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  The courses are designed to improve students’ facility with these four components.  In addition, every course requires the use of the online video-chatting service Skype so that students can acquire well-developed listening and speaking skills in the group setting.  With my small class size (maximum: 6 students), I will be able to facilitate a high level of interactivity where students learn by speaking to one another and to me.  Below please find a brief outline of the courses in addition to more detailed descriptions through the links on the sidebar.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  I am looking forward to the start of the next school year when we will begin our in-depth exploration of Spanish language and culture.
Here is a brief synopsis of each of the courses offered for the 2015-2016 academic year. Click the tabs on the left panel to link with more information and application procedures.

(Please note: In addition to these classes, personal one-on-one tutoring -always at your convenient time - is available at all levels. The teaching is tailored for the individual learner. For more info about private tutoring arrangements please contact )

AP Spanish Language is a course designed for upper level students in preparation for the AP exam in May. AP students must have studied Spanish for several years, or have the equivalent skills if a native speaker.   Students are accepted after a brief interview (via Skype); there is NO FORMAL APPLICATION to complete. For further information about this course and payment options for registering, please proceed via the link to PA Homeschoolers site at

Honors Five Spanish is a course designed for students in their senior year of High School and who have completed four years of Spanish and  who are not looking forward to take the AP Spanish Language Test but are none-the-less interested in continuing the study at a high level without the pressure of the AP course .   These motivated students will have a base  text book and the teacher will add stories and novelettes to enrich the experience.    This is an academic course all the way, taught on a high level but without the stresses of standardized exams.

Honors Four Spanish is a course designed for students who have completed three years of learning Spanish formally and are desirous of more ORAL/AURAL practice to compliment their superior skills in reading and writing Spanish and having a wide vocabulary.  Students in this course will get a taste of literature via the reading and analysis of short stories in addition to learning from a challenging, high-level text book (DESCUBRE Level3 -@2014) with enhanced computer and online activties. This class does not purport to prepare students for the AP Spanish Exam, but will more than adequately give ample practice in all  skills for  success in the SAT Spanish Subject Test.

Honors Three Spanish is a course designed for upper level students seeking a challenging year of study, perhaps in preparation for the SAT Subject Test in Spanish. Students who have successfully completed the Honors Spanish Two or who have been interviewed and cleared by the teacher (assuming they have had at least two full years of Spanish, know and "control" the past tenses among other grammatical and linguistic acquisitions, and have the ability to ask and answer questions in relatively fluent,  spoken as well as written Spanish are encouraged to enroll.  Our textbook is DESCUBRE- Level 2.@2014. (After an intensive review of Spanish Two, we begin around the middle of the text book)
Honors Two Spanish  is the ideal course for superior students who have studied Spanish formally for at least one year and have exhibited competence and ownership in all aspects of curricular items of a typical Spanish One course, including the regular and irregular verb forms in the present tense, key idioms, interrogatives  and possessive adjectives.  Students should be able to answer in written form questions about themselves and express opinions and preferences. Our textbook is DESCUBRE-Level 2 @2014.  

Intensive Intermediate Spanish is for students who have had some experience at the Spanish I level and would like to complement their course of study and enhance their skills with a more interactive speaking and listening component.  This course is appropriate for students working at the 2nd year Spanish level. Our textbook is DESCUBRE-Level 1@2014 

Spanish I (beginners) is a course designed for beginning students who have had no previous formal instruction in Spanish. The text is DESCUBRE-Level 1@2014.

Hebrew I (beginners)
is a course designed for beginning students who have had no previous formal instruction in Hebrew.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Machu Picchu, Peru
                                                                                                                                                                                          Photograph by Robert Clark, National Geographic