Spalding Parish Church Choir

Choir members in 1982/3

.... and in 2019

A short video message from Nick on Wednesday 13th May:

I am continuing to update and add to the sections on this page ...

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During this period of 'lockdown' I have spent time looking back during my time as choirmaster at Spalding, and over the coming days and weeks I will continue adding further information. Anyone is welcome to email me any additional information - or let me know of any errors - or corrections needed ... ( Please click on any section listed below. The 'back arrow' will bring you back to this page.

(Dates of latest updates have been added, for those of you who regularly visit here!)

  1. How I became involved with music in our church (25 May - news articles about 1965 choir outing and TV show in 1972)
  2. Appointment as Choirmaster - 1981
  3. Developments and incidents through the decades (21 May + new photo)
  4. Who has been in the choir? and when?
  5. Choir recordings - behind the scenes
  7. Cathedral visits
  8. Photo Albums
  9. Open Evenings (21 May more photos from 1984 added)
  10. Choir Camps
  11. Choir Outings
  12. Choir Club
  13. Choir Social Events (21 May - more photos added)
  14. Choir visit to Speyer (21 May - extra photo added)
  15. BBC TV Songs of Praise
  16. Characters from the past (22 May - 2 photos added)
  17. British Empire Medal
  18. The saga of the choir stall lamps
  19. RSCM courses and events
  20. Fund raising for the choir
  21. A Variety of styles of Worship
  22. The fire extinguisher issue
  23. Organists and Assistant Organists - and Conductors (23 May - more info added)
  24. Special events and excursions
  25. Vicars, curates and Lay Readers (23 May)
  26. The Marylebone organ (22 May - additional photo added)
  27. The Organ in Spalding Parish Church (23 May - additional info added)
  28. The first Confirmation Broadcast in 1960 (22 May)

and .. if you are interested ..

29. Some of my organ building exploits (23 May)

30. The story of The Burtey Fen Collection (25 May - continued)

31. The Life and Work of Rex Pitts (25 May - more added)

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My grateful thanks to those who have helped with this website:

  • Aileen Workman for originally suggesting the memoirs
  • Rev. John Bennett for technical help
  • John Holmes for help with Vicars, Curates and other information
  • Mark Sanderson for technical help and for supplying dates
  • David Jones for proof reading and correcting errors
  • Peter Gorton for helping identify dates
  • Rachel Pitts, Paul Coleman Mark Willerton and Peter Hancox - and to all of you who are sending me photos, recordings and other information