The series is about having fun, while safely enjoying the sport of air rifle shooting in the form of HFT (Hunter Field Target). The courses are set out to cater for every level of shooter, from complete beginner to world/nationally ranked. The competition is only as serious as you make it. 
Whatever goal you set yourself, I'm sure you'll do it with a smile on your face.
Newcomers to HFT can be partnered with experienced shooters, please let us know when you book in.
The basics are:
Any safe shooter using a sub 12ft/lb rifle is welcome.
The course will have 30 targets.
The targets will have "kill zones" between 15mm and 40mm in size, which if hit will cause the target to fall and 2 points will be awarded, hitting the target but not knocking it over will score 1 point, missing the target will score 0 and is affectionately known as a doughnut.

The targets will be set at distances of between 8yds and 45yds. No scope adjustments are allowed once you have taken your first shot.

The events will be run to UKAHFT rules. (This season we will be trialling 35mm targets out to 40 yds for the supported kneel or stand shots).
The courses will be set to UKAHFT format.
Juniors aged 9 or over (9 years being the minimum age for this series), must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
There will be one session per round
Booking in will be from 08:30 until 10:00
The safety brief will be held just before shooting starts and all competitors must attend.
Session will start at 10:30

Awards will be made as soon as possible once all the score cards are in at the end of the session.
There will be trophies at each round for:
1st - 3rd Open Class
1st - Recoil
1st - Ladies
1st - Junior
1st - .22
1st - Veteran (over 60)

In addition at each round there will be a cash "bonus bunny" pulled from the score cards returned on the day. 

Individual end of year awards will be based on your best 6 scores.
1st - 5th Open Class
1st - 3rd Recoil
1st - 3rd Ladies
1st - 3rd Junior
1st - 3rd .22
1st - 3rd Veterans

The highest gun score of the day will set the 100% benchmark for all classes.

It costs £8 to enter for adults and £4 for juniors, badges are available at £3 each.

Platinum badges will be awarded to any shooter who wins 5 gold badges during the season.

Happy shooting.