Practice Help

The links will take you to Google Drive, where you can download the files.

    • This is the useful Parents' Guide to Violin Fingering that I use.

    • Here are the charts for reviewing pieces in Suzuki Books 1, 2 and 3.

Review Book 1 in a week

Review Book 2 in a week

Review Book 3 in a week

    • Here is a chart for logging CD listening and violin playing sessions:

CD and violin practice chart

    • Here is a chart for logging 100 days of practice. The pictures are really fun!

100 days of practice

    • My Dice game sheets for Twinkles, early Book 1 or early Book 2 review are here.

Twinkles Dice Game

Early Book 1 Dice Review Game

Early Book 2 Dice Review Game

    • Book One Challenge Cards (a game to try) are here.

Book One Challenge Cards

    • This shows the Twinkle structure for parents.

Twinkle Structure

    • Try these out in your practices.

101 Encouraging things to say

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