Soon-Yi Kang

Department of Mathematics

Kangwon National University

Chuncheon,Kangwon-do 24341, South Korea


Phone: +82-33-250-8423


주소: 강원도 춘천시 효자2동 강원대학길-1

강원대학교 수학과 (우) 24341

전화번호: 033-250-8423

팩스번호: 033-252-7289


Research Interest

Combinatorics, Number Theory & Special Functions:

- Automorphic Forms, Basic Hypergeometric Series, Partition Theory

Courses (강의)

- e-루리 (course information is found in e-ruri, the KNU education platform)

2020-Spring (복소해석학1 (Complex Analysis 1), 이산수학 (Discrete Mathematics), 암호론 (Cryptography))

Recent Activities and Future Plans

Other Writings