About Us

The goal of the Somers Athletic Booster Club is to provide financial support to ALL Somers High School athletic teams and programs.

All money that is raised by the club goes directly back to the athletes and programs at the school. A few examples over the years are student scholarships, awards night, purchasing of sports awards, the purchasing of varsity letters, safety mats for the cheerleaders, new athlete plaque showcases, new athlete plaques, field improvements for soccer, baseball and lacrosse, spirit buses for students to championship games, athletic tents, athlete bags for opening games, senior night support, spirit give aways to student spectators at sporting events, spirit awards to enthusiastic student spectators, operation of concession stands, combined purchase of refrigerator for school store and indoor concession stand, and and a new gymnasium sound system.

We have coordinated our efforts with various departments in our school to promote further involvement of both faculty, as well as our student body. An example of this, is working along with our High School Landscaping Teacher and Class, involving the students in the design and formulation of a landscaping plan surrounding an existing sports storage building, presentation of the proposed plans to our members, and seeing the project through to completion, under the direction of their teacher.

We have recently compiled a list of short term as well as long term goals, which include, irrigation of our baseball field, purchase and installation/construction of an outdoor concession stand, athletic field signs, new outdoor scoreboards, and additional athletic outdoor tents for our sports teams.

We, as an organization would like to continue to help enhance and support the athletic programs at the high school. In order to do this,  our club needs your help and invites you to consider becoming a Booster Club Member. If your time does not allow you to be a member, you can be a Booster Club Supporter by simple making a donation to help with our fundraising efforts to support our student athletes and programs.

The club is convinced that with the budget constraints year after year the athletic department will need the Booster Clubs help more and more. If you are interested in becoming a member or Booster Club supporter, please contact us at somersctbooster@gmail.com.


Please help us to help our student athletes!!  There are many ways you can help.  We host a variety of events throughout the school year, including our Annual Pancake Breakfast at Worthington Pond, Annual Comedy Night, Operation of our basketball concession stand, concessions and apparel sales at sporting events, representation at 8th grade orientation, and attendance at Board of Education meetings to facilitate and foster continuing improvements of our athletic complex and programs.  We have worked diligently to promote school spirit by promoting ALL athletes and ALL sports, at their events, on our web page, as well as on our Facebook page.  We also offer ways for our student athletes to work along with the Booster Club to acquire community service hours. 

We welcome anyone, anytime, and thoroughly enjoy working along with our very enthusiastic parents and students!

Mission Statement:

To promote a spirit of sportsmanship, responsibility, and enthusiasm among the student athletes, as well as the development and enhancement of the athletic program.

The Booster Club is an organization comprised of parents whose main objective is to promote sportsmanship, responsibility, and enthusiasm among the student athletes as well as the development and enhancement of the athletic program.