Welcome to SOM Analyzer web page!

SOM is an unsupervised neural network algorithm with the special capability of visualizing high-dimensional data in just two dimensions. SOM Analyzer is an easy-to-use Windows software
with which you can explore the intriguing world of the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithms. As being highly visual and intuitive, the SOM Analyzer is suited to anybody who wishes to work with the SOM Algorithm, whether a novice or a professional. For novice users, SOM Analyzer is a great learning tool while for professional users, it offers powerful data processing capabilities.

To know what SOM Analyzer is all about and what you can do with it, start clicking the tabs above.

Recent changes: 
  • As of 18th October, 2018 updated the purchase form and it should work again. 
  • Added information on how to resolve the Windows 7 related problem regarding SOM Analyzer startup failure.

A release v1.02 is now available featuring a Result Data Export functionality. Read more here.
  • Features tab lists the main features of the application.
  • Screenshots illustrate how it looks like in action on Windows 7. 
  • The User Guide is your reference telling you all you need to know about how SOM Analyzer is used. It is accessible directly from the SOM Analyzer Help menu.
  • From the Download tab you can get yourself a demonstration versio.
  • Purchase tab takes you to the form via which you can buy yourself a very affordable license.
  • Support section highlights issues that I think you should know about and addresses questions that you have submitted. 
  • About SOM contains a large article of mine on SOM and artificial neural networks in general.
  • Finally, About Me gives you some background information on who I am and a glimpse of the project history I have been involved in.
Have fun with the SOM!