Department of Physics, CUCEI,
Universidad de Guadalajara


Post Doctoral Experience :

2012 - July, 2014 : Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR, Mumbai, India

September, 2014 - August, 2016 : DGAPA Post Doctoral fellow,

Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (ICF, UNAM) ; Fenómenos no lineales y complejidad, Cuernavaca Morelos, México ; C.P. 62210

Educational Qualification

Ph.D : University of Calcutta, Guide : Parongama Sen                                           Doctoral Degree awarded on July, 2012

M.Sc. (Physics) - University of Calcutta, 2006

B.Sc. (HONS in Physics) – RKM Vidyamandira, Belur Math; Howrah, 2003 (Minor in Chemistry and Mathematics)

Higher Secondary in 2000 and Secondary in 1998 -- Howrah Vivekananda Institution.

Research Area

Statistical Mechanics [Theory] and soft Condensed Matter Physics [Theory]

Novel Dynamical phenomena in Ising Spin systems, Finite Size Effects,
Complex networks and Network Properties, Closed packed systems,

Dimer physics, Pattern formation, Reaction - Diffusion system and also the problems which are Interdisciplinary in nature, precisely Opinion Dynamics. 

Random Matrix Theory and Time series Analysis.

Teaching Interests

Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, Mathematical Physics, etc.

I was also one of the organizer of StatphysCU


The List of my Publications in arXiv

My Hobby:

Music, Recitation and photography use to take a lot of mine.

                Photography :

You can find the details in Picasa and Flickr 

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youtube, nobelprizes in Physics , Rabindranath

Contact Information

Email :: soham AT fis dot unam dot mx ; soham dot physics AT gmail dot com

Address ::

Office :  

Home :   Present : 485 Avenida Aurelio Ortega, Colonia : Tepeyac, ZIP -45150, Mexico

                Permanent : Dharsha Chowdhuri Para, P.O - G.I.P, Howrah - 711112, West Bengal, INDIA