About Us

Preacher to Preacher weekly Radio Program , at one time aired on WUCC 99.9 - It was a place where Ministers could become transparent about the leadership issues facing the ministry today.

There is a place where Iron Sharpens Iron… a place where, we become transparent

about the leadership issues facing the ministry today…

a place where Minister’s and Leaders can discuss the many pitfalls and problems

in ministry… but also challenge each other… seeking out Godly Solutions…

One such place is "Preacher to Preacher LIVE" A Radio program which the archives of this program, along with others, are now is broadcast over: http://www.sogi.listen2mymusic.com/

This program specifically designed for anyone who is involved in ministry leadership…

My name is Bishop John Aguilar of Shepherds of Grace International and I will be your host… and I believe the hardest thing in ministry… is keeping the ministry pure… as you know… that where the head goes the body follows… so I invite you to call a Pastor, Deacon, Leader or just a friend and have them tune in now and join us for Preacher to Preacher Live

Preacher 2 Preacher Live is a broadcast of Shepherds Of Grace International which operates by the financial gifts of our listeners. We are in need of Broadcast Sponsors, so that we can broadcast over stations in Augusta GA, Virginia, North Carolina, etc

If you would like to sponsor this program, (the cost is $150 per program,$600 per month), or if you would like to support us by sending a donation of any size, please make checks payable to Shepherds of Grace International, and write in the "memo" section of your check "preacher 2 preacher" (or P2P) and send your donation to:

Shepherds of Grace International

P. O. Box 5336

Aiken, South Carolina, 29804

If you would like to make a donation online... and online donation can be made through our main ministry site at: www.shepherdsofgrace.org under the "Donation Page".

May God Bless your and we thank you for your support of the ministry.