The Reason Your Facebook Fan Page is Losing Likes

Facebook is beginning to crack down on something they deem harmful to the integrity of their website, and your fans may be in danger. You may have noticed a small dip in the total likes on your Facebook page in the last couple of days or so. However it doesn’t mean that people are fleeing your Facebook fan page. Why have you suddenly become so unpopular? Or are you asking the question as to whether the fans fleeing your page are not real fans?
Dropping FB fans

Any fan page ‘like’ that doesn’t come from someone truly interested in connecting with a page is only a waste of time. Real identity, for both users and brands on Facebook alike, is very important to not only Facebook’s mission of helping the world connect together and share, but also the need for people and customers to authentically connect to the pages they so much care about. Whenever a Page and fan connect on Facebook, we want to ensure that engagement involves a real person that is interested in hearing from a specific page and engaging with that brands content.

When Facebook openly announced the fake like initiative, it was reported that it would only result in less than 1% of total likes disappearing. And if so, that seems to be the case with all of Facebook tops pages that has been losing likes. So what does this like purge mean for your business?

According to Facebook, they said it will help brand pages by giving them a more accurate depiction of their popularity.

The improvement will definitely benefit your site integrity and for both users and brands together. Users will continue to connect to the pages and profiles they authentically want to subscribe to, Pages will tend to have more accurate measurement of fan count and demographics. The improvement will allow pages to produce ever more relevant and engaging contents, and brands will see an increase in the true engagement around their shared content.

Although some pages may have seen only a small dip in their total likes (if any), some have also reported more substantial losses, even up to 18% of their total likes. For such businesses, every advertising dollar they have spent in the past was going out to both real and fake users. So if Facebook can’t convince Page owners that buying ads on the network is going to produce quality, genuine likes, then they have a major problem with this form of revenue going forward.

Furthermore, as the fake like purge is better now than ever, it could leave some advertisers with a bad taste in their mouths.

This update made on their security systems will go far to better improve integrity, as totally eradicating fake likes from fraudulent accounts is a nice fall cleaning for the entire network. It will equally be nice for Page owners to know that vast majority of their likes come from real humans that can be impressed upon. And the fact that this is a total increase in Facebook robotic efforts, rather than a manual one-time cleanup, is more comforting.

Finally, getting rid of the fake likes is simply the treatment to the symptom. However, the problems remains that it’s incredibly easy to create a fake account on Facebook and inflate the overall page likes. And it would be really hard for Facebook to create a gated system that would be tough enough to keep fake profiles out but no so tough that it prevents legitimate users from signing up.