Below are some maps and links to maps that may help you navigate the trails.

NYSSA announces that their new project known as the NYSSA INTERACTIVE TRAIL MAP is now available for viewing – FREE. This map is mobile friendly and will eventually include trail status information as well as local points of interest.   See more info on the NYSSA news page.

Attached is an overview of our current trail system. WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston off C4 to the west, Colden Trail Riders to the North off S49A and C4, Holland Sno-Rascals to the North off C4 (S41, S46A..), and the Tri-County Drift Hoppers to the South and West off S32, C3A, and S36.  

Please note that trails are subject to change at any time.  For a live map check out the NYSSA map above.

Trail System Info

Sardinia's 31 miles of groomed trails interconnect with four other local clubs' trail systems. These clubs are the Tri County Drifthoppers Inc. of Arcade, the Holland Sno-Rascals Inc., the Colden Trail Riders Inc., and the Western New York Snowmobile Club of Boston Inc.

A Bombi Groomer with drags was purchased by the club in 2000, a welcome addition to the gooming fleet. In 2003 we traded up to a Massey Ferguson tractor groomer which did a great job for us. In 2005-06 we purchased a powerful Thiokol diesel powered groomer which was even better, followed by another.

From 2013 to 2015 we've upgraded to a Pisten Bully 270 and then a Pisten Bully 260. These machines are even more capable yet, plus have a much more comfortable and user-friendly cab and cockpit. The wide cab allows a helper to ride along in relative comfort and definitely aids in groomer training.  

Grooming the Chaffee Side January 12/13 from Joe

New informational billboards have been erected at key intersections on the trails to help direct snowmobilers to local restaurants, gas stations, motels, snowmobile dealers, etc. A good clear map of our club's trail system is also on the signage. Vinyl Signz, who designed the graphics on these billboards, also came up with a newer, fresher look for our club logo.

Throughout the years the Club has worked with local landowners to ensure a safe and well-maintained trail system that works for both the snowmobiler and landowner. This is very important, because without the landowner's permission to use their property, our trails couldn't interconnect througout our town. PLEASE FOLLOW AND OBEY ALL SIGNS AND DIRCTIONAL MARKERS ON OUR TRAILS! 

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