Welcome to snappyWiki!

This little site speaks about the mesh utility snappyHexMesh, present in the most common OpenFOAM versions (1.6, 2.0, 2.1.x etc.).

This site is the result of the time I "lost" trying to understand and use this application, as powerful as raw and complicated. During my work I began to write down every step, every result, every experiment I did, in this private site.

Now my ideas (and time) are over, so I decided to open the site to the community and see if anyone has anything to say; so after you read my pages, please send me an email for comments, suggestions or just insults!

ATTENTION: This site is unprofessional and unofficial, but maybe you will find some tips you need!


2013/01/22 - I've discovered some errors in featureEdge section and sharp edges treatment, I will fix the site as soon as I can!

2012/05/22 - Now it's possible to add comments at the bottom of all pages if you are signed in with a google account 

2012/05/21 - Now you can download the cube and cylinder cases from relative pages