SNAPpro News and Updates

We now sell parts and rebuild Low Delta T Engines sold by New Machine Company

with a coming production run of 50 engines using original vintage parts from the 1990's.....

We also have a one of a kind NASA Stirling engine fully assembled and available .

check it out at:

SNAPacademic now available! A low cost simpler to use version of SNAP.

After numerous requests we have created a new lower cost version of SNAP that models the same thermodynamic and heat transfer processes as it's big brothers SNAP and SNAPpro. Design and analysis of kinematic engines, heat exchangers and regenerators, calculation of all major losses, power and efficiency. Runs on any version of Excel on either a Windows or Mac computer. Does not include free-piston dynamics, genetic algorithm, graphing or stored engines. $99.00 delivered via e-mail. We now accept payment via PayPal, see Purchasing SNAP page for details.

SNAP and SNAPpro Stirling Engine design software works with any version of Microsoft Excel that supports VBA macros.

Windows: SNAP and SNAPpro work with Excel 2001, Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

Mac: SNAP and SNAPpro work in Excel Mac 2000, Excel Mac 2004 and Excel Mac 2011

SNAP does not work with Excel 2008 Mac, no VBA macro support.

SNAP and SNAPpro, the most affordable 2nd order Stirling Engine design software on planet Earth and perhaps in the Galaxy.

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