Working Papers

1. Multi-dimensional communication with limited commitment. April, 2018. Download.

2. Experimentation in Organizations. November, 2017 . Download. R&R, Theoretical Economics.

3. Sniping in Proxy Auctions with Deadlines (joint with Adam Kapor). June, 2016. Download.

4. Existence of trembling hand perfect and sequential equilibrium in games with stochastic timing of moves. July, 2018. Download. (new version)

5. Dynamic Contracts under Loss Aversion (joint with Alejandro Jofre and Andrea Repetto). October, 2015. Download.

6. Games with Private Timing (joint with Yuichiro Kamada). July, 2018. Download , (Online Appendix).


6. Existence and Non–Existence in the Moral Hazard Problem (joint with Jeroen Swinkels). Journal of Economic Theory. March 2014. Download.

Work in progress

- Preference for mates and the evolution of social norms.