What is Contra Dance?

The best way to answer this question is to simply go to a dance.

For those who like do a bit more research, here are a few references...
  • What is "Contra Dance"?

    • Contra Dancing is a Traditional North American Folk Dance.  It involves dance figures such as "do-si-do" and "swing your partner".  The Virginia Reel for example, is a Contra Dance.  The roots of Contra Dance go back to 17th Century France and England.  In North America in 1800, Contra Dance was probably the most popular form of dance.  In the 1960's a sort of Contra Dance Renaissance began to occur, even though there are some places, especially in Eastern portions of North America, where Contra Dance never really died out.

    • Contra Dance can be done at a walking pace, but it can be very aerobic as well.  It is suggested that you dress cool and comfortable.  A good pair of dance shoes, or sneakers with non-marring soles, are also suggested.  There is plenty of water at the dance, but many folks bring their own (to avoid long lines at the water cooler).

    • At a modern Contra Dance, it is not necessary to bring a partner, but you are welcome to do so, or come alone, or bring a bunch of friends.  Families and Children are Welcome (but please keep an eye on the young 'uns).  Changing of partners is encouraged for each dance, but not necessary.  Each dance, with the "walk-through" (the introduction to that dance), will last about 15 minutes.

    • Most people who visit a Contra Dance will say that it is one of the Most Fun Community Events that they have ever visited!

  • "Why We Contra Dance"
    • This is an 8 minute video on YouTube by the Chattahoochee Country Dancers (CCD), which gives a number of personal testimonials about the Joys and Benefits of Contra Dancing, and includes examples of the dance and music.

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