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Mirabel ontology


The Mirabel ontology defines how actors can express their energy flexibility for a specific device with respect to amount, time and price in user preferences. Each device has an energy profile that describes the amount of energy consumed and/or produced over a time span. A flex offer is issued by an actor and combines the user preferences with the corresponding device energy profile.

 The User class represents  the person using the device. This person may own the device or not. Depending on the device, the user can take the role of a consumer, producer or prosumer. A user expresses his user preferences with respect to a device. A user uses a device and specifies some preferences. A Device is an electricity consuming and/or producing appliance. Three types of devices can be identified, namely energy production, consumption and storage devices ( ProducingDevice, ConsumingDevice and StorageDevice classes, respectively). A Preference describes the minimum demand by a user for the electrical consumption/production of a device. A Preference is expressed with respect to time, price and amount constraints (consists of exactly 1 Amount, exactly 1 Price, min 1 TimePointmax 2 TimePoint). Time can be expressed as one point in time (TimePoint) or as several points in time (TimeInterval). TimePoint is either expressed as CalendarTime or as a RelativeTimePoint. The Price represents the minimum/maximum price that the user is willing to pay for energy production/consumption.  The Amount can be an absolute amount (AbsoluteAmount) or a percentage of this amount (RelativeAmount).

 An EnergyProfile describes the energy load production and/or consumption of a device over a time span. It specifies the profile in terms of time (consistsOf exactly 1 TimeInterval) and indicates whether or not there can be breaks/ interruptions between the end of one interval and the start of the next interval. The energy profile also specifies power and/or energy (consistsOf max 1 Power, max 1 Energy) in terms of an Amount

An Offer combines the user Preference and the EnergyProfile of a device. It can either be a SingleOffer or CompositeOffer. A single offer is a FlexOffer that consists of an unary expression with only one operand. A composite offer is a FlexOffer that consists of a binary expression with 2 operands connected using the conditional elements "AND, OR". Through a FlexOffer the flexibility in energy supply and demand can be offered on a marketplace. The FlexOffer is issued by a FlexEnergyIssuer (this can be the same person as the user) and submitted to a FlexEnergyAcquirer


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