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EnOcean ontology


The Enocean ontology specifies the user data embedded in the structure of a radio telegram as defined by the EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP). Therefore, the ontology defines an EEP_profile class. Through the hasElement property, the EEP_profile class is characterized by 3 elements:
  •  the RORG class, which represents the ERP radio telegram type using a code, for example, the value F6 represents an RPS telegram type;
  • the FUNC class, which represents the basic functionality of the data contained in a radio telegram, for example, TemperatureSensor, AutomatedMeterReading , Detector, and HVAC_component; and
  • the TYPE class, which represents the specific characteristics of a device type, for example, a temperature sensor with range between -10°C and 30°C (TemperatureSensor_range-10Cto30C class).

 The ontology defines 4 types of telegrams according to the EEP profile, namely RPS, 1BS, 4BS and VLD, which are represented by the corresponding classes TelegramRPS, Telegram1BS, Telegram4BS, and TelegramVLD , respectively. Each telegram has a RORG (hasRORG property), and can have several device functions (hasFUNC property) and types (hasTYPE property).

Each RORG class, FUNC class and TYPE class has a code (hasRorgCode property, hasFuncCode property and hasTypeCode property, respectively). These codes are used to assemble the 3 field code that characterizes a specific telegram. For example, the code A5_02_04 characterizes a 4BS telegram (hasRorgCode with value A5) with a temperature sensor function (hasFuncCode with value 02) and a temperature sensor type with range between -10°C and 30°C (hasTypeCode property with value 04). 


  • The source used to create the ontology is a secured pdf from which the information could not be automatically copied. As a consequence, comments that could better explain the telegrams are missing in the ontology.
  • The TYPES are defined completely for the TelegramRPS and Telegram1BS classes. For the Telegram4BS class the TYPES are defined until and including the A5_10 subclass. For the TelegramVLD class the TYPES are not defined at all. For completeness, it is advised to add the remaining TYPES in the future.
  • The EEP document defines enumerations that are used to further characterize the specific TYPE of telegrams. These enumerations are too many and too detailed to be included in the current version of the ontology. However, the ontology could be extended in the future to cover also this aspect of the EnOcean Equipment Profile.