Slurpee Button Gallery

Some flavors that I've seen referenced in print from the same time frame might have had buttons issued for them but I've never seen them:  "Cold, Green and Wet" and "Fire Water."  Of course, there may be others.  One interesting item is the "Mad, Mad Slurp' button.  The RC Cola advertising campaign back in 1967 (see the RC Cola Button Gallery" had the tag line "Royal Crown Cola with the Mad, Mad Taste."   Coincidence?  A special thanks to Courtney T. for the picture of the "Adults Only" slurpee button.  It got me pointed in the right direction and now I have one too!

I Slurped a Red Eye

I Slurped a Moonshine

I Have Slurped

Danger I Slurped the Bomb

I Slurped A Blue Gook

I Slurped A Gulley Washer

I'm A Pink Fink

Slurp BullCorn

Slurp Scooby Doo

Adults Only

Slurp What Chama Callit

I Slurped the Glob

Slurp Kiss Me You Fool

Slurp Yankee Doodle

I'm A Sticky Icky

I'm Fulla Bulla

Be My Slurp

The Mad, Mad Slurp

Oh You Big, Bad Slurp

Slurp Ho! Ho! Ho!

Slurp Peek-Aboo

Slurp Bing Bang Bong

Slurp Echo

I Slurped A Blue Blunder

I Slurped Aw-Wa Aw-Wa Ukelele

Slurp Dee-Jay

Push This Button

I'm A Kissin Cousin