Stephan Lauermann
University of Bonn, Institute for Microeconomics


2020, with Mehmet Ekmekci, Review of Economic Studies.

Working Papers

2019, with Andre Speit, revision requested at Econometrica

2019, with Mehmet Ekmekci, revision requested at Theoretical Economics

2018, with Asher Wolinsky, revision requested at Theoretical Economics

2020, with Carl Heese

2020, With Kailin Chen and Mehmet Ekmekci

Ongoing Projects, Old Working Papers, and Notes

Stable Assignments and Search Frictions,
with Georg Nöldek

Auctions with Frictions,
with Asher Wolinsky

Doctoral Students on the Market

(I am the placement director)

Candidates in Microeconomic Theory


Collective Choice (2017 syllabus)

Topics in Economic Theory (2017 tenative syllabus)

Intermediate Microeconomics B - eCampus (German)
Dynamic Methods and Applications (joint with Sven Rady)

ERC Grant "Information Aggregation in Elections" 

Research supported by the grant:
  • Manipulated Electorates and Information Aggregation, with Mehmet Ekmekci
  • Informal Elections with Dispersed Information, with Mehmet Ekmekci
  • The Bayes Correlated Equilibria of Large Elections, with Carl Heese
  • Information Aggregation in Poisson-Elections, with Mehmet Ekmekci

Organized Events

Mini Courses: 
  1. Information Design (Stephen Morris), 
  2. Analogy Based Expectations Equilibrium (Philippe Jehiel), 
  3. Advertising and Consumer Search (Mark Armstrong), 
  4. Decentralized Markets and Simultaneous Search" (Asher Wolinsky)
  5. Networks (Matt Jackson)


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