The Skydiving Logbook is a logbook application dedicated to people that like to jump out of things that fly, or off of things that don't fly.

Features include:

* Log jumps with jump #, date, DZ, aircraft, gear, jump type (bellw/rw, freefly, etc), exit/deployment altitudes (feet or meters), delay, cutaway, notes, pictures and diagrams

* Have licensed skydivers sign entries in your logbook using the touchscreen

* View stats including total jump count, total freefall time, cutaways, etc

* Manage your gear including components/serial #'s, and service reminders (i.e. repack due next week)!

* Manage your DZ's, set one as your home DZ

* Manage your aircraft, with 15 or so built in aircraft

* Calculate wing loading, desired canopy size, and extra weight needed to target a desired wing loading

* Import/export for backing up, transferring, and printing your logbook

* Logbook history for entering your previous freefall time and number of cutaways

This application is free and always will be. Please feel free to send suggestions, or if you're a crafty iPhone or Android developer, feel free to offer your assistance! Also, if you'd like to see this application in another language, and can offer translations, please let me know.

Send questions and comments to tom.cain@mindspring.com.