Import/Export Instructions

The Skydiving Logbook application lets you import and export your data within the application either to/from DropBox, Email, and also your SD Card in Android.

To export your logbook data, simply goto the Import/Export screen and select one of the Export options. This will write all of your data to two types of export files. The XML file (skydiving_logbook.xml) contains all of the application data including jumps, signatures, diagrams, DZs, aircrafts, rig information, and logbook history. This file can be converted into a printable PDF file using this website.

The CSV file (skydiving_logbook.csv) includes just your jump data, no signatures, diagrams, or details of your DZs, aircrafts, rigs, or logbook history. This file can be opened by your preferred spreadsheet program.

You may import your previously exported data (e.g. to a new phone), or import new data that you've created manually outside of the application. To import your logbook data, goto the Import/Export screen, and select one of the Import options. You may also email an XML file or a CSV file to your phone, and open the attachment with the logbook application to import.

Importing from DropBox: Your XML file must be in a folder called "skydiving_logbook" within an "Apps" folder at the root of your DropBox account. Any images and diagrams must also be in this folder.

Importing from your SD Card (Android only): Make sure your phone is not connected to your computer since this prevents the application from reading the SD Card.

Importing from CSV: The CSV file must adhere to the following conventions. Once created, you can email the CSV file to your phone, and open the attachment with the logbook application. The logbook application matches existing jumps by jump number. If an existing jump exists, it will be updated, otherwise a new jump will be created.

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