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Air Melody

"Air Melody is easily one of the best sounding and in my opinion, most playable theremin simulators available for the iPhone." - Theremin world

It can be selectable 6 tones!
      1: Theremin ( It's classical theremin tone! )
      2: Ondes Martenot
      3: Synth Strings
      4: Synth Lead
      5: Synth Vocal
      6: Synth Cat (can be simulated various cat voice "meow" ! )

Why don't you play a melody to your favorite songs? Like hum a tune, or whistle a tune...
No requires ability to play a musical instrument. Only requires passion for music. Move your iPhone/iPod touch in the air to your favorite songs. You will find a new way to enjoy music.

Introduce 6 tones:

Demo play 1:

Demo play 2:

Lesson video (Basic function of "Air Melody"):

New feature of 2.0.0 "Cat meow"


Explanation of screen:

Tone select window:
When you push "♪" icon more than 1sec, You can see below window.
On this window, you can select 6 tones, reverb off/on, and scales.
How to play:
1.  Hold your iPhone/iPod touch with one hand in uplight position.

2.  Tap "♪" icon.

3.  Tilt your iPhone/iPod touch forward 45°.

    Then you will hear the tone.

    less than 22.5° : mute
    22.5°              : pp
    22.5° to 45°     : The sound become gradually louder (blue colored zone).
    45°                 : ff

    You can check how much angle is, with the "Dynamics meter".

4.  Tilt your iPhone/iPod touch clockwise, or counter-clockwise.

    Then pitch will be changed seamlessly within 1 octave.

    90° clockwise            : highest pitch
    90° counter-clockwise : lowest pitch

    You can check how much angle is, with the meter what located center.

5.  Rotate the black wheel.

    Then pitch will be changed seamlessly extend 7 octaves.

    You can check how much final pitch is, with the "Pitch meter".

Please don't fix yours eyes on the screen.
You can not play smoothly. Don't think. Feel!

  - Seamless pitch change like a Theremin, or an Ondes Martenot
 - Seamless pitch change extend 8 octaves!
 - Pitch control by tilt iPhone/iPod touch clockwise, or counter-clockwise, or drag the screen
 - Dynamics control by tilt iPhone/iPod touch forward
 - 6 tones are selectable
 - Reverb effect (Off/On)
 - 4 scale modes are selectable
 - iPod control
 - Clock
 - Battery meter

"Air Melody Lite" is the free version of "Air Melody".
  ♪ You can select 2 tones
        1. Theremin (It's classical theremin tone! )
        2. Ondes Martenot
  ♪ You can try full features of "Air Melody"(paid version) with ad.