We wish you a happy life with music.

Ondes Martenot iPad app "Petites Ondes" was used in the sound track of new movie "GOTHIC ASSASSINS (director: Milos Twilight)". http://www.gothicassassins.com/
The sound track was entirely created with only iPad/iPhone's music apps. "Petites Ondes" was used as a one of musical instrument.

Theremin app for iPhone 
"Air Melody" is now on sale on App Store. 
Goto "Air Melody" page. 8 octaves & 6 tones
Goto "Air Melody Lite" page. 3octaves & 2 tones
Move your iPhone/iPod touch in the air to your favorite songs. You will find a new way to enjoy music.

"Air Melody is easily one of the best sounding and in my opinion, most playable theremin simulators available for the iPhone." - Theremin world (19/July/2010)
Live performance video of iPhone theremin app "Air Melody" at iPhone・iPadアプリ大賞(app grand prize award)2010!!
6 tones:
Performance with birds chirping:
A example of play melody to your favorite song:
How to play:
Simulate a cat meow: