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Niño Jesus St. John Neumann

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"Solidarity: We are one human family whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences. We are our brothers' and sisters' keepers, wherever they may be."

(US Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Scholarship Sponsor's Corner

Christmas Cards Arrive

The Christmas cards for the Niño Jesus scholarship students arrived on Friday, December 7--in time for the parishes annual Christmas party.

The Niño Jesus Committee would like to thank the sponsors who signed and returned the cards for the students they support.

Narcisa de Jesus Chapel Construction Continues

Fr. Luis has begun the construction of the new Narcisa de Jesus Chapel on top of the classroom facility that was recently completed. The classrooms, which the proceeds from the 2017 Car Raffle helped to build, have been used for religious education and to celebrate Mass. Funds from the 2018 Car Raffle will go towards completing the new chapel.

Framing of Narcisa de Jesus Chapel Begins


Erik Jorge—who manages our scholarship program in the Niño Jesus Parish—was ordained February 2nd in Merida, Mexico. Celia and Atanacio attended the ceremony and took the following photos. Fr. Tom as well as Fr. Luis—the current pastor of Niño Jesus—and Fr. Alberto, the former pastor, also attended. It's apparent from Padre Erik's expression in the photos that it was a very happy occasion for him.

Below is a link to a wonderful article about Erik and his journey from a small Mayan village in Mexico to the priesthood. It was written by Fr. Bill Auth, OSFS, who oversees the Maya Indian Missions in Mexico.


Visit to Manta

Two members of the Niño Jesus Committee and their husbands traveled to Manta in August 2017 to attend ceremonies at which Erik Jorge made his perpetual vows and became a transitional deacon. Erik manages our scholarship program in the Niño Jesus Parish.

The parishioners delivered the t-shirts that the St. John Neumann Confirmandi classes designed for the scholarship students and met with the scholarship students.

Below is a photo of Erik--who accompanied Fr. Luis during his visit to SJN earlier this year--with the college students in the parish who assistance with the monthly meetings of the scholarship students.

Topics such as bullying and sexuality are discussed at the meetings. Eric has divided the students by grade level—primary, middle, and high school—so the discussions can be tailored for the difference age groups. Parents of the scholarship students also meet and discuss the monthly topic.

During their visit to Manta, the parishioners also visited the construction projects—Narcisa de Jesus Chapel/classrooms, Divine Love Chapel, and the Children’s Development Center—that St. John Neumann has helped finance with the proceeds from the Annual Car Raffle and several other activities. The following photos show the substantial progress made on the projects.

Narcisa de Jesus Chapel and Classrooms

Fr. Luis has completed the construction of the new classrooms. Their reinforced ceiling is designed to support the future chapel. The building is currently used for religious education and to celebrate Mass. Funds from the 2016 Car Raffle were used to help build the classrooms.

Original Narcisa de Jesus Chapel

Classroom structure on which the new Narcisa de Jesus Chapel will be built

Classrooms are currently used to celebrate Mass and for religious education

Devine Love Chapel

Thanks to the efforts of the Sandoval and Graves families, Fr. Luis has been able to begin replacing the original Divine Love Chapel. The families raised funds by holding Zumba classes and holding Argentine dinners. Fr. Luis used the contributions to built three classrooms that are used for religious education and the celebration of Mass. He plans to construction a chapel eventually in the courtyard adjacent to the classrooms.

Original Devine Love Chapel

Classrooms and courtyard where the new chapel will be built when additional funds become available

Children’s Development Center

After suspending construction of the Children’s Development Center for several months due to local permit issues, Fr. Luis resumed work earlier this year. He added a third floor to the center that will eventually house a computer center and rooms for such activities as physical and occupational therapy, language instruction, and religious education. The structure also incorporates the kitchen and dining hall that were completed in 2012 with our car raffle proceeds.

Children’s Development Center, which incorporates the kitchen and dining hall. Proceeds from our Annual Car Raffle have helped to finance the facility