FreeSCAN, the award-winning Freeware program for programming the Uniden SC230, BC246T, UBC3500XLT,  BR330T, BCD396T, BC346XT(C), BCD396XT, BCT15X, BCD996XT,  BCT15 and BCD996T, BCD996P2 public safety scanners (The 436 & 536 will not be supported). FreeSCAN allows to download and uploading programming, remote control the scanner, log hits, and supports printing out of systems and groups. It will run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

Why should you use FreeSCAN?

There are many reasons to use this great Freeware program. Here are some:

The BCD436HP and BCD536HP  are unsupported and will never be supported.



These videos have been made by a FreeSCAN user and demonstrate how to import data from RadioReference

Conventional System:

Trunked System: