These pages are for the Excel. but there is already an .exe for Windows.
In  due time the website will migrate to the .exe version.

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Updated September-2020

This Sudoku Solver is meant to solve multiple overlapping Sudoku's.
SiSeSuSo does not solve very complicated Sudoku's.
If the BruteForce/BackTrack option is checked it solves everything in due time.

The algorithm eliminates possibilities (candidates) per row, column and box according to the basic rules of Sudoku:
  • on a row all numbers 1 to 9 exactly once
  • on a column all numbers 1 to 9 exactly once
  • in a 3x3 box all numbers 1 to 9 exactly once
  • also for overlapping parts these rules apply for each Sudoku
In general many Sudoku's can be solved using only this elimination technique.
In version V2 some smarter elimination algorithms are implemented to solve more complex arrangements.
In version V3 also a Generator is created, to make your own puzzles of overlapping Sudoku's.
Version V4 a new supported Sudoku type is added (SudokuP or Disjoint Groups)
Version V5 can make bigger arrangements and is made faster. Also Girandola type is added.
Version V6 the NC (Non-Consecutive) and NCT (Non-Consecutive Toroid and also  9-1 adjacent cells is  forbidden) is added. The Generator is easier to handle.
Version V7 the Jigsaw types (JS and JSB)  are added.
Version V8 the Odd-Even type is added.

The Simple Serial Sudoku Solver is made in EXCEL for Windows; it uses VBA, that is triggered by Buttons.

If you have questions or tips or a new arrangement (that is a new layout) please publish it at the forum:

Have Fun !! Hajime !

"Hajime" (はじめ) in Japanese = "Let's begin" in English
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