About Us

For 20+ years, Siouxland Autism Support Group has been proudly serving families in the Tri-State area through a partnership with the Northwest Area Education Agency!!

The Siouxland Autism Support Group is here for families and caregivers living and/or working with someone on the autism spectrum. We provide support group meetings and other activities throughout the year for families in the Siouxland area. We also provide trainings for parents, teaching staff and care providers. 

Board Members Contacts information:
Julie Case- -siouxlandautism@live.com    712-490-8939
Jan Turbes- jturbes@nwaea.org       712-222-6041
Tammy Keegan-Secretary-tamwith2@gmail.com
Barb Lyle- blyle@nwaea.org
Emily Koson- ekoson@nwaea.org
Barb Parker-Treasurer-parker3269@gmail.com
jonathon Mauk-jmauk@camphighhopes.com
Michelle Clark
Karen Brinck