Private Swim Party at Norm Waitt Y
on February 1, 2020
Cost: $1 a person 
Potluck snacks
Please bring a snack to share with others !

Family Fun Events coming up!
Welcome back Siouxland Autism Support Group members! This year we hope to have lots of fun activities for the families.

  • February 1st Rescheduled Autism Swim Party at the Norm Waitt Y South Sioux City, Nebraska  6-8pm  Cost: $1 per personTreat Potluck (so bring some cookies, chips, popcorn or whatever your family likes and can share with other at the party.

  • April 26th will be our Autism Awareness Walk at Western Iowa Tech.  Registration starts at 1pm the walk will start at 3pm

So keep checking your email and Facebook for updates about this years events and meetings.