Managing Risk Taking with Interest Rate Policy and Financial Regulations, with Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt

    • Accepted at Economic Inquiry.

US Hours at Work, with Edward C. Prescott and Alexander Ueberfeldt

Collateralized Borrowing and Risk Taking at Low Interest Rates, with Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt

    • European Economic Review, 85, June 2016.

Heterogeneity and Long-Run Changes in Aggregate Hours and the Labor Wedge, with Alexander Ueberfeldt

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Working Papers

International Risk Sharing with Endogenously Segmented Asset Markets, with Ananth Ramanarayanan

    • September 2018. Revised and resubmitted at Journal of International Economics

Demographics and Sectoral Reallocations: A Search Theory with Immobile Workers, with Jim MacGee

Transitional Dynamics of Output and Factor Income Shares: Lessons from East Germany

    • December 2010. Previous title: "A Theory of Transition to a Better Technology".

Driving Forces of the Canadian Economy: An Accounting Exercise, with Alexander Ueberfeldt, March 2008.

Work in Progress

  • Measures of Hours Worked for the U.S. Economy