Group dinner, Summer 2015. Clockwise from left: Sid, Kush, SungBin, Pramod, Aaron, Benedikt Brugnolo (UCI visiting student), Brett.

Principal Investigator:

  • Siddharth A. Parameswaran, Associate Professor
             PhD, Physics, Princeton University, 2011.
B.S., Physics, and B.A., Mathematics, University of Rochester, 2006.
Simons Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley, 2011-2014.
Assistant Professor, UC Irvine, 2014- 2017.
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Postdoctoral Researcher:
  • Dr. Brayden Ware, October 2017-present
Postdoctoral Researcher, Rudolf Peierls Center for Theoretical Physics, Oxford University,  Oct. 2017-.
PhD, Physics, UC Santa Barbara, 2017.
M.S., Physics, UC Santa Barbara, 2014.
S.B, Physics and Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011.
Research Interests: topological phases, entanglement, tensor networks 

Graduate students:

The graduate students currently working towards PhDs under my supervision are:

  • Mr. Aaron Friedman 
Graduate student, UC Irvine, 2014-.
Recognized Student, Oxford, 2017-.
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2016-2019.  
B.S., Physics, UC San Diego, 2013.              
Topics: Many-body localization and quantum dynamics

Undergraduates and Visitors:
  • Mr. Yves Kwan 
Research staff/intern, UC Irvine/Oxford, starting October 2017  
M. Math. Phys., University of Oxford, 2017.              
Topics: topological semimetals

Group Alumni:
  • Dr. SungBin Lee, postdoctoral researcher 2014-2016. Current position: Assistant Professor, KAIST, Korea (2016-)
  • Dr. Pramod Padmanabhan, Visiting FAPESP Fellow, 2015-2016.  Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, IBS, Korea (2016-)
  • Dr. Kush Saha, CAIQuE Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2016. Current position: Postdoctoral researcher, MPI-PKS Dresden (2017-)
  • Mr. Kevin Ly  undergraduate student researcher. (May 2016-May 2017). Current position: Graduate student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2017-).
  • Mr. Raphael Kozlovsky Visiting Graduate Student, Oxford, August 2017 - February 2018.  Current positionGraduate student, University of Regensburg, Germany (Advisor: Prof. Klaus Richter) (2015-.)

California Institute for Quantum Emulation

At UCI, Sid was also a founding co-PI of the California Institute for Quantum Emulation (CAIQuE), funded by the UC Office of the President and the California Nanoscience Institute at UCSB. The other members are experimentalists David Weld (UCSB), Wes Campbell (UCLA), Julio Barreiro (UCSD) and Dan Stamper-Kurn(UCB), and fellow theorists Joel Moore (UCB) and Congjun Wu (UCSD).


Funding: Our research is, or has been, supported by the US National Science Foundation, the UC Office of the President Research Initiatives Program, and the Foundational Questions Institute.
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