Siddharth Oli
Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University
Email: soli[at]sfu[dot]ca

Short Bio

I am a Research Assistant at Robot Automation and Motion Planning (RAMP) lab at Simon Fraser University. I am pursuing my Master's in Applied Science from SFU, expecting to graduate in spring, 2014. I did my Bachelor in Electrical engineering from MNNIT, allahabad, India in 2009. 
My research is in the area of path planning for robots in human inhabited environment. I am developing algorithms which reason about human reaction to a robot's motion and account for it while planningIt is a tough problem as humans are tricky subjects!


Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Master of Applied Science in Engineering Science Sep, 2011 - Present 
Relevant Courses: Introduction to Robotics, Machine Learning, Computational Robotics, Medical Image Processing and Analysis Cumulative GPA: 4.00/4.33

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India
Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering Aug, 2005 – May, 2009
Relevant Courses: Control Systems I & II, Electrical Drives, Instrumentation, Process Control
Cumulative GPA: 8.54/10.00
                                                                                                                                                           back to top

Interest and Expertise

Robot Motion Planning
Machine Learning

Research Projects

Human Motion Behaviour Aware Path Planner (HMBAP) for robot navigation in dynamic human environments
  • Path planning algorithm for a robot navigating in a human inhabited environment making use of an Human Motion Behaviour Model (HMBM).

  • This method results in more human-like navigation capabilities for robots.


 Detecting and tracking moving obstacles from a mobile platform using a Kinect RGB-D camera
  • A fast obstacle detector, using a Kinect RGB-D camera.

  • The detector puts a uniquely colored 3D bounding box around objects.

 Detecting and tracking people from a mobile platform using laser range finder
  • This tracker uses a laser range finder to scan for human legs. Based on the leg measurements, it estimates and tracks people’s

     position and expected motion.

  • The implemented system shows robust results and can detect multiple moving obstacles.

 Human Robot Interaction - Estimating tool orientation from hand pose for a hand-over task using SVMs
  • Interest points are defined on a human hand and their position is used to determine the required tool orientation for a hand-over task,

     using a previously trained Support Vector Machine (SVM).

  • The project is a part of a scheme to achieve smooth hand-over task betweens robots and humans.

 Open-GL application to solve a path planning problem
  • A generalized Open-GL program which plans a path for a robot rotating and translating among stationary obstacles using 

    navigation function I (NF1) in the userdefined world model.

 Power Electronic Interface for distributed generation using wind turbines
  • Developed a power electronic interface to adjust a wind turbines rotational speed to get maximum power output. The power 

    electronic circuit was controlled using a microcontroller running the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm.

 Neural Network approach to speech processing
  • A speech recognition application in MATLAB for classification of speech signals by training neural networks.

  • The application could recognize a limited set of words or could be used to recognize speakers.


 Interfacing Honeywell HMC6352 with on-board FPGA
  • Project done as a part of industrial training at the Vision Instruments Division, Instrument Research and Defense 

    Establishment (IRDE). Project served as an introduction to FPGAs and VHDL programming.  


  • Siddharth Oli, Bruno L’Esperance and Kamal Gupta, "Human Motion Behaviour Aware Planner (HMBAP) for Path Planning in Dynamic Human Environments" in press IEEE International Conference on Aadvanced Robotics 2013.
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