Welcome to SINCS Group. The mission of SINCS group is to enable sustainable growth of biobased economy and industries along with ensuring local and global ecological sustainability. Dr Shweta Singh is the PI of SINCS and her vision is to enable a synergy between industrial and natural systems that aligns with the Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering vision.

SINCS is an interdisciplinary group and resides in  Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering at Purdue University. Our research interests lie in Sustainability Engineering focusing on developing mathematical models for physical coupling of industries with natural systems through complex systems modeling approaches.

PI : Shweta Singh

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Purdue University
Agricultural & Biological Engineering/Environmental And Ecological Engineering
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West Lafayette, IN  47907-2093
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Paper titled, "The carbon-nitrogen nexus of transportation fuels" accepted in Journal of Cleaner Production, Jan 2018

Liz Wachs wins AIChE travel grant to present her work at the AIChE Annual Meeting. Her talks are PIOT for Food-Energy-Water Nexus and Demand Change of Electricity in Urban Area Under Renewable Energy Adoption . Congratulations Liz ! 

Gargeya joins as PhD student in SINCS group starting Fall 2017 ! Welcome Gargeya. 

Paper titled, "A Nitrogen Physical Input-Output Table (PIOT) Model for Illinois" accepted in Ecological Modelling, June 2017.

Prof Singh receives Purdue Research Foundation Grant for Summer 2017.  We are thankful for this generous support.

SINCS will be present at joint ISIE-ISSST 2017 in Chicago, June 25-29, 2017. Links to our talks are : 
Process Modeling Based PIOT (Wachs and Singh) and Thermodynamics of P Recovery (Gargeya Vunnava and Singh). Prof Singh is also organizing a special session "Thermodynamics in Industrial Ecology and Sustainability" with eminent talks from Thermodynamics experts in Industrial and Urban Ecology. 

Paper titled "The nexus of Carbon, Nitrogen and Biodiversity Impacts from Urban Metabolism" accepted in Journal of Industrial Ecology. Feb 2017.

SINCS will be present at AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Nov 13- Nov 17, 2016. Links to our talks are :PIOT Modeling  and Thermodynamics for SINCS 

Liz Wachs and Dr Singh analyzed 3600 cities to provide changes in energy demand  in response to climate change till 2030, that was used by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to develop renewable energy technology adoption in cities for sustainable transition to energy. A report was published based on the analysis : IRENA Renewable Energy in Cities Report

Welcome Nehika Mathur to the group ! Nehika starts her PhD program in EEE with Prof Shweta Singh and Prof John Sutherland. She has an international experience working in the field of sustainable manufacturing, design engineer with L & T and as National Consultant for UNIDO. 

Welcome V.V.S Gargeya to the group ! Gargeya is a visiting student, pursuing a unique BS-MS program in India at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (Based in Hyderabad campus) in Manufacturing Engineering & Biological Sciences. He will be working on his MS thesis while at Purdue. 

Welcome Kevin Hill to the group. Kevin is a Mechanical Engineering student and will work on an interdisciplinary project with Prof Singh, Prof Brady Hardiman and Prof David Yu under the SURF program !

Group Alumni Sam Schaffter wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Sam is now at John Hopkins University pursuing his PhD in Chemical Engineering. ! Congrats Sam !! 

Jacob Wheately wins the i2i Research Scholarship. He will work on his research with group for 2 semesters. Welcome Jacob ! 

Welcome Liz Wachs to the group ! Liz starts her PhD program in ABE after a unique experience across the world. Check her details on the members page. 

Paper on "Estimating Future Energy and Emissions of World's Cities" Accepted in Environmental Pollution., March 2015

Paper on environmental cost of nitrogen accepted in Environ. Research. Letters., Jan 2015

Paper on Carbon and Nitrogen Footprint accepted in Ecological Indicators, Jan 2015