This self-taught, step by step Master Classes Course for ArchiCAD 16-17-18 is developed for architects and students of architecture, who are beginners or intermediate users of Graphisoft's ArchiCAD. 
The course is unique on the market, since no ArchiCAD book takes you from start to finish, on examples of well known Japanese architectural projects: Tadao Ando's 4x4 House in Kobe (Master Class 1, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2, Master Class 3), and Shigeru Ban's Artek Pavilion (Master Class 2).

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more than 400 A4-pages of step by step guidebook
(from beginner to intermediate to advanced ArchiCAD user)

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 Master Class 1 (MC1)
-for beginners-
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Preview for ArchiCAD 17 and ArchiCAD 16.
 Appendices 1&2 for MC1
-for intermediate users-
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Preview for ArchiCAD 17 and ArchiCAD 16.
 Master Class 2 (MC2)
-for intermediate users-
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Preview for ArchiCAD 17.
 Master Class 3 (MC3)
-for beginners-
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Preview for 
ArchiCAD 17.

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Read the feedback from some of the colleagues who purchased the books:

Stefan Boeykens [I
ndependent blogger, Belgium], in his blog ::here:

Joel [Architect from Australia]: "I recently started with the tutorial for the 4x4 house of Tadao Ando house (awesome choice btw + an awesome architect) and your steps are simple and easy to follow. Absolutely a  fantastic book!"

David [Architect, UK]: "I congratulate you on writing what promises (from the first 19 pages) to be a great book. Thanks, good work! I especially like, that you have used a iconic building to learn with."

Martin [Landscape Architect, Germany]: "Although the book is written in English, I find it easy to read and understand the work flow in ArchiCAD 16" 

Andrei [Interior Designer, Australia]: "I am in love with the program! This e-book is a great start with so many hints and tips from the author."

Jenny [Architectural Student, US]: "An interesting take on learning a new program. There is a lot information, since the book is about 100 pages long. I like the simple layout, and author explaining the common mistakes done by the inexperienced users."

Colette [
Architectural Student, UK]: "Thank you for the e-book, it is definitely worth every single penny."