Files & Docs

1. FAQ - Massachusetts — Frequently Asked Questions, Massachusetts Special Election version

2. Poll Observing Quick Instructions & Tips — A two page document with good tips for poll observers on election day.

2011 Letter by Democratic Congressmen Opposing Voter ID — Raising all the same talking points the Progressive Leftists always use, and disregarding previous Supreme Court rulings, your Representatives never miss an opportunity to protect voter fraud.

Citizen’s Voting Irregularity Report — A sample form to be used to report polling place irregularities observed to the proper authorities. Prepared by Jim Ettwein

Lawrence, MA Rules on Observers — Document provided by the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts on rules for Observers and the 150 foot area.

Massachusetts Super Tuesday Poll Observer Information — Information on how to volunteer as a poll observer in Massachusetts on March 6th, 2012

Tips & Info for Election Day — Presentation Slide Show of Tips, Info, Rules and coomon sense for Election Day. Should be helpful to polling place workers, poll observers and voters!

Voting Irregularities in Philadelphia County 2012, Report — Philadelphia released a study highlighting seven different kinds of "voter irregularities" that occurred in the 2012 primaries. It describes voting by non-registered individuals, incorrect party voting, divisions with more votes than voters, votes placed in incorrect districts, double voting, impersonation and non-citizen ballots.