Shoryukan Dojo

Yoshinkan Aikido in Alaska 


Shoryukan Dojo is operated in Fairbanks, Alaska by Sensei James Fish, who holds a current rank of San Dan from Tsuneo Ando Shihan (Yoshinkan Ryu Dojo, February 2014), and who is also an AYF-certified Level 5 (Dai Go) instructor.  Classes are offered in Yoshinkan Aikido at the following locations:


Artisan's Courtyard
1755 Westwood Way
(off College Rd., next to Toy Quest)


call for current schedule - or visit our blog!

Ph:  907-388-8375 

Shoryukan Dojo is registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (formerly IYAF) in Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan.